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New R-Net LCD Controller Available

Thu Apr 21 2016

The next generation of R-Net joystick modules has been launched, with the new CJSM2 featuring a large, high-resolution LCD screen. Including advanced features such as a built-in light sensor, paddle switches, as well as enhanced programming and customisation options, it is now available as a Built 4 Me upgrade on Sunrise Medical powerchairs.

The 3.5 inch VGA colour screen is the highlight of the new module, with crisps graphics showing details as large as possible to ensure visibility, while the built-in light sensor means the screen brightness always matches the ambient light conditions.

Easy to operate paddle switches come as standard for on/off, profile, mode and speed adjustment selection, making it easier than ever to control. New programmability options have been added for the user controls, for example enabling the speed adjustment paddle to be set to either momentary or continuous operation.

R-Net’s connect-and-go capabilities mean that the CJSM2 joystick module can be simply plugged into any existing R-Net powerchair without requiring any re-configuration or programming. Wheelfreedom can also offer the CJSM2 as a custom-built upgrade on the Sunrise Medical Jive and Salsa ranges. For further information on the advantages of this new controlled, please speak to our product specialists on 0800 025 8005. - See more at: https://www.wheelfreedom.com/blog/April-2016/new_r-net_lcd_controller_cjsm2#sthash.QVyMjLpv.dpuf