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New Range Of Pavement Scooters Added

Fri Sep 13 2013

In response to customer demand, we`ve recently added a range of pavement scooters to our stable of products. These fill a niche for those after a mobility scooter to use on the pavement who don`t need their scooter to be transportable. This allows pavement scooters to be sturdier, and to offer some advanced features not found on smaller scooters.

While many pavement scooters can still be dismantled for occasional transport, they are generally much sturdier than smaller boot scooters. Their larger size gives them extra stability, and their larger wheels allow them to negotiate bumpy pavements better. The larger size of the scooter also allows them to offer some enhanced features – such as large captain’s style seats, enhanced weight capacities or extra storage.

Crucially, pavement scooters will normally have a much longer range than travel scooters allowing them to be used for much longer journeys. They are also often more stylish in appearance than the more functional boot scooters. For those after a sturdier scooter, but with no intention of driving on roads, pavement scooters are the ideal solution, also offering a significant cost saving on larger scooters.

For further information on the new scooters we have available, please call us on 0800 0258 005.