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New Sunrise Medical Powerchairs!

Fri Jan 10 2014

Sunrise Medical have unveiled a raft of new products and features for their Quickie powerchairs over the Christmas period, and we are proud to be amongst the first able to offer them. Both the rear-wheel drive versions of the popular Salsa and flagship Jive ranges have been updated, while a new HD version of our favourite Salsa M has been launched.

The new Salsa R2 features updated styling, as well as improved outdoor performance over its predecessor. It boasts all the usual Salsa offerings, including fully adjustable seating and a compact base. The Salsa R2 is also available at a lower price than the old Salsa R, making it even more affordable.

The Jive R2 has also been released, replacing the old Jive R. As well as improvements in performance, the R2 has updated styling, giving it a more modern look. Most impressively, the Jive R2 is significantly cheaper than the previous version, and is now available to purchase from £4,995 or hire from just £43 per week – making it easier than ever before to obtain a powerchair from Sunrise Medical’s leading Jive range.

Last but not least, the Salsa M – one of our favourites, has seen a new HD version released with an updated chassis and an improved weight capacity of 25 stone (160 kg). The Salsa M HD comes with the same seating as on Quickie Jive, including JAY comfort cushioning. Added to this, new 50° tilt in space is available (pictured), offering improved pressure relief, as well as an anti-shear backrest. If you’d like to know more about these new Sunrise Medical wheelchairs,

please call us on 0800 0258 005 to speak to one of our Quickie powerchair experts.