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Off-roading With The Supersport

Sat Sep 21 2013

The Supersport is an iconic scooter that we have recently added to the fleet of products that we are able to offer. Known for its motorbike-inspired appearance, the Supersport is a true off-road scooter and offers more than just good looks.

Ruggedly built with a classic but stylish appearance, the black and silver Supersport is popular amongst those that want to drive something that doesn`t resemble a “traditional” mobility scooter. The three wheel design makes it much more manoeuvrable than comparable large scooters, while the extra wide wheelbase ensures stability.

A 20-year heritage of proven all-terrain use gives the assurance that the Supersport is capable of being driven off road. It manages all this in comfort, with the choice of a large padded seat, or a wide bench-style seat capable of taking people up to 31 stone.

Adjustments can be made to the handlebars to ensure comfortable driving, while an extra-long chassis option is available for taller users. TGA’s Supersport is the scooter for people wanting the freedom to continue to go about their lives independently, whether it be driving to the shops, visiting friends, or walking the dogs.