Paediatric Wheelchairs on Motability

Thu Oct 10 2019

The Motability scheme is a popular way to get a powered wheelchair, with affordable weekly payments taken off your disability benefit. Full insurance, breakdown cover and more provide you with worry-free mobility. Yet, the scheme hasn’t always been so accessible for younger people, with little in the way of children’s wheelchairs available on Motability.

The Zippie Salsa M2 Mini is the most compact high-end powerchair on the market, with an outstanding turning circle – ideal for children who are often less experienced drivers. The Zippie seat is set up exactly to your child’s size, and is adjustable to grow with them – providing a constant perfect fit over the three year lease. It is available in three configurations, the standard version, with powered tilt, and with both powered lift and tilt.

If you are looking for transportability, the Invacare Esprit Action 4NG Junior is the best option – its unique design allows it to be easily dismantled and folded, with no part weighing more than 15kg. While it doesn’t offer quite the level of performance and seating as the M2 Mini, it is still built to order to fit your child, and is more than capable both indoors and out.

Quantum’s Kozmo has also recently joined the scheme – a super-compact indoor-only powerchair with prescriptive seating, which also has a good level of transportability. With a fresh look, it is available in a wide selection of bright colours.

If you’d like to arrange a Motability consultation for your child, please call us on 0800 025 8005, or contact us via our Facebook page or Twitter @Wheelfreedom to book in a specialist consultation.