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Pavement/Boot Scooter Crossovers Explained

Fri Oct 16 2015

Many scooter manufacturers offer a pavement sized scooter that can be taken dismantled in the same way as a boot scooter. Designed to offer enhanced comfort and a longer range than smaller boot scooters, they are nonetheless intended to remain transportable in a car and easier to store. We offer three of these types of scooters.

The oldest is the Sapphire 2, which along with the Roma Sorrento offers exceptional legroom - ideal for taller people who find the restricted size of boot scooters to be uncomfortable for their legs. The latest is the Apex Sprint from Pride, which features an outstanding 20 mile range, and is slightly more compact than the Sapphire and Sorrento. These scooters offer the "best of both worlds" in that they have the stability, comfort and range of pavement scooters, and can be dismantled like boot scooters. However, there are some compromises inherent in these products, as they can be a little harder to take apart than boot scooters, being larger and heavier.

When dismantled, the parts will weigh more too, making the job of lifting them into and out of a vehicle less easy. While still manageable, it can in some cases require two people to do. Additionally, they do not offer the comfort features such as high-back seats or suspension that some newer high-end pavement scooters offer.

Despite this, they fulfil a useful role - ideal for people looking for a more comfortable scooter that they can occasionally transport in a vehicle. Should you be interested in finding out more about these hybrid scooters, please give our experienced Customer Service team a call on 0800 025 8005.