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The award winning powerchair for young children – Permobil’s Explorer Mini

Mon Feb 14 2022

 Permobil’s award winning Explorer Mini is becoming more and more popular for children with mobility impairments. Specifically designed for children as young as 12 months, this powerchair is a unique product that we are now proud to stock at our Chessington Headquarters and showroom.

Why Permobil’s Explorer Mini is an ideal mobility solution for young children

At Wheelfreedom, we have been expanding our range of paediatric mobility aids and Permobil’s Explorer Mini is certainly a showstopper. Paediatric mobility aids can range rom rollators, to wheelchairs to powerchairs but very often, such aids are designed for slightly older children aged 3 + or for toddlers or teenagers.

The first two years of a child’s life are crucial for development and research has shown that children with reduced mobility who have physical support will have a better physical development, but also improved use of their language, cognitive and social development.*

The Permobil Explorer Mini is unique as it supports a child’s development form a young age of 12months – 36 months. Having a mobility aid at an early age will increase your child’s independence during the key stages of their growth, whilst learning to explore the environment around them freely.

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Children’s colourful powerchair with a unique and fun design

When we think of mobility equipment or medical devices, we tend to think of clinical products, maybe with some design element, but nothing quite suitable for a child. However, Permobil’s Explorer Mini is designed with a child in mind. The bright colours of turquoise and yellow make the Explorer Mini look like a child’s product, almost resembling a very attractive highchair or toy.

Functionality of Permobil’s Explorer Mini

The design of the Explorer Mini is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly, it has specific design elements and functions that are beneficial in many ways.

  • Mid joystick: The mid joystick is what controls the Explorer mini and allows navigation with the ability to reach things in proximity. This also helps with muscle support in the hands through learning to grasp on to things.

  • Wrap around table and backrest: Provides postural support.

  • Saddle seat: Supports positioning and hip development. The seat is also removable to support standing.

  • Height adjustable column: Allows the powerchair to be height adjusted to support growth.

  • Nonslip surface: Providing stability and supports weight bearing through your child’s feet.

  • Compact wheel drive: Explores small areas.

Who will the Explorer Mini be suitable for?

Suitable for children aged 12-36 months, the Explorer Mini has been recognised in supporting young children with conditions such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy.

At Wheelfreedom, we are familiar with a broad range of complex needs and have specialist Paediatric staff who can advise whether this is a suitable product for your child.

Permobil’s recent awards for the Explorer Mini

At Wheelfreedom, we pride ourselves in being trusted knowledgeable, impartial, dependable and progressive. We believe the Explorer Mini is a suitable product for many children aged 12 – 36 months old and feel it will benefit young children in their physical development.

But don’t just take our word for it! The Explorer Mini has received multiple awards and was recently recognised by TIME as a ‘Best Invention of 2021”.

View a range of paediatric mobility aids and powerchairs for children at the Wheelfreedom’s Mobility Showroom

Wheelfreedom's Paediatric products at the showroom

If Permobil’s Explorer Mini sounds like a suitable product for your child or you wish to find out more, then visit our showroom based in Surrey where one of our Paediatric Product Specialists will be able to demonstrate products.

Our Specialists are also able to offer advice on other products that may be suitable, carrying out an assessment.

Contact us to book your appointment today at our Surrey Mobility shop.

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