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Powered Wheelchair Seating

Fri Dec 27 2013

When choosing a powered wheelchair, it`s important to get the right seat for it – after all, at its most basic level, a wheelchair is a seat with wheels. A wide range of seating options are available over the numerous wheelchairs that are made, and it can be tricky for a beginner to know what is best for them.

Simple wheelchairs such as the Roma Reno come with regular low-back seats padded seats, or canvas ones like on the Roma Sirocco that allow them to fold. For most people with fairly simple needs, these can be ideal – being the most affordable, as well as giving sufficient comfort for average use. "Captain`s seats" are the next level up in comfort, with higher backs and headrests as well as ample padding – similar to the seats found on larger mobility scooters. A popular example is that found on Pride`s Jazzy Select 6 model, which offers the comfort of an armchair-style seat. However, both these seating styles take a "one size fits all" approach, with only limited adjustments available.

For those with more advanced needs, or who may be spending longer periods of time in the chair, more specialist seating is advisable. This can be found on Pride`s Quantum range of powerchairs, or many of Sunrise Medical`s powerchairs. These have fully adaptable seating that can be set up according to the needs of the user - essentially giving them a bespoke seat. This allows enhanced postural support, as well as a seat that is tailor-made to the wheelchair user`s size.

Top of the range JAY cushioning and backrests can be found on Sunrise Medical`s wheelchairs, and our team is also able to carry out consultations to ensure that they are set up exactly to the needs of the user.

If you require further information on powered wheelchair seating, please don`t hesitate to give our specialists a ring on 0800 0258 005.