Pride Fusion Rolls In

Fri Sep 06 2013

This week we`ve added the Pride Fusion to the growing number of powerchairs that we`re able to offer for hire and purchase. Made by global mobility specialists Pride, the Fusion crams an incredible number of advanced features into a compact frame, and amazingly manages to remain affordable too.

The stand-out feature on the Fusion is that it comes with powered tilt and manual recline – something that none of the other adult powerchairs we offer come with as standard. This can be a vital feature for those spending long amounts of time in their wheelchair, as it helps with posture and comfort. No less important is the fact the seating is fully adjustable, and the width and depth can be changed, as well as the seat angle and armrest height. These changes mean the wheelchair can be set up to fit the needs of the user perfectly rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach found on more basic wheelchairs.

Seating aside, the Fusion is a powerful wheelchair capable of being used both indoors and out, and has an impressively long range of 15.5 miles. A number of customisation options are available, including comfort backrests and elevating leg rests. All in all, this makes the Fusion an impressive powered wheelchair that comes with a number of advanced features, all at a surprisingly affordable cost.

If the Fusion interests you, please call us on 0800 0258 005 for further information.