Pride Jazzy Air: Coming Soon

Thu May 19 2016

The Jazzy Air is a unique new powerchair launching in the UK shortly. Available already in the US, it is an affordable powerchair with a ten inch seat lifter that allows you to drive at walking pace while elevated.

The Jazzy Air features a similar mid-wheel drive base to the popular Jazzy Select 6 - manoeuvrable indoors, and capable outdoors thanks to Active-Trac suspension. While the existing Jazzy Select 6 Ultra variant features a seat lifter, that only raises by a maximum of four inches, the footrest doesn't elevate, and the speed is limited when raised. In contrast, the Jazzy Air can elevate up to 10 inches - enough to bring you to eye level, ideal for social situations, and also useful if reaching for items, cooking, and for many other practical matters. The footrest elevates with you, ensuring your feet are always supported rather than dangling in the air.

Most importantly, the Jazzy Air can be driven at 3.5 mph - walking pace - while fully elevated, a feature not previously seen outside of an expensive configurable powerchair. This is vital for enjoying the social benefits of the seat lifter while out and about with companions.

The Jazzy Air is expected to be available in the UK through Wheelfreedom later this summer, and can be either hired or purchased, and potentially leased on the Motability scheme too. For further information on this new powerchair, please contact us to speak to a powered mobility specialist.