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Pride Jazzy Select 6 Lifts Off!

Fri Jul 26 2013

Due to recent demand and the immense popularity of the product, we are now making the Jazzy Select 6 powerchair available for short-term hire. We already offered this stylish wheelchair for both long-term hire and purchase, but its unique offerings mean that we have had significant interest from those looking to hire it on a short-term basis.

The Jazzy Select 6 offers a comfortable armchair style seat similar to the ones found on larger mobility scooters. Combined with the stylish bodywork, this gives the wheelchair a less “clinical” look, making it popular with those that perhaps aren’t regular wheelchair users. While it doesn’t have the more complex seating arrangements found on some other powerchairs, there are still several adjustments that can be made to ensure the comfort of the user – namely to the seat height, footplate height, seat angle, and armrest width.

The seat angle can actually be easily adjusted by the user, an impressive feature that is not commonly found on wheelchairs. The Jazzy is designed to be used both indoors and out, giving it great versatility. Its mid-wheel drive means it can literally turn on the spot inside – ideal for tight corridors and doorways, while outside it offers surprisingly smooth performance.

If you’d like further information on the Jazzy Select 6, or wish to order one, please give us a ring today on 0800 0258 005.