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Pride of Britain Karin Williams Thanks Wheelfreedom For Wheelchair

Fri Nov 08 2013

Wheelfreedom have recently supplied a wheelchair to Pride of Britain Award winner Karin Williams, who threw herself in front of an out of control car to save the lives of several schoolchildren. The wheelchair helped Karin with her rehabilitation from her injuries, and she has thanked us for the "world of good" it did her.

In July earlier this year, lollipop lady Karin Williams dived into the path of an out of control car that was hurtling towards a group of schoolchildren. Pushing them out of the way, she heroically saved their lives, but took the full brunt of the impact from the car. The crash left Karin with serious injuries including numerous broken bones, and she had to spend nine weeks in hospital as a result.

Needing a wheelchair to get around, and also for both her legs to be elevated, Karin’s family hired one of our Lightweight Elevated Leg Rest Wheelchairs, which we speedily delivered to her. The wheelchair helped her remain mobile, and allowed her to collect a much deserved Pride of Britain award for outstanding bravery last month. Thanking us for the hire, Karin said: "Thank you for the hire of the elevated leg wheelchair, it arrived swiftly and was collected without any problems. Also a great help while I was in London collecting the Pride Of Britain award and It even made the stage with my Lollipop. It did me a world of good to be able to get around with my legs raised and it made me feel very safe with my multiple injuries and fracture. I would recommend Wheelfreedom to anyone, thanks once again."

We were delighted to be able to help Karin out with her recovery, and are grateful for her kind words. With the wheelchair now returned, everyone here at Wheelfreedom wishes Karin Williams all the best for her continued recovery.