Product Profile: Ex-hire TGA Breeze S4 & S4 Max available from £1,200*

Fri Feb 16 2018

We have got three ex-hire TGA Breeze S4's and one Breeze S4 Max at a greatly discounted rate available for purchase or long-term hire. These premium, top of the range scooters combine powerful performance, ease of use, and comfort. With a weight capacity of up to 31 stone, this is perfect for someone who wants a solid, advanced and comfortable mobility scooter.

Known for being one of the safest mobility scooters on the market, The Breeze S4 has sturdy bumpers at both the front and back. It also weighs in at 23stone, meaning it has a solidity not often associated with a mobility scooter. This solidity is exemplified by having a market-leading ground clearance of 6.5 inches (16cm) combined with a gradient climbing ability of up to 21%.

The Breeze S4 and S4 Max also offers plenty of storage space, with a large lockable rear box, which offers waterproof storage, a front basket, and two compartments to either side of the tiller, for storing smaller items, such as keys or a phone. All of these are available in a metallic silver and both feature alloy wheels. The Max variant offers an increased weight capacity of 39 stone, and a larger seat, as well as a GT upgrade which gives wider rear wheels and tyres for off-road use.

With a starting price through Wheelfreedom of £3,695* for the Breeze S4 and £3,995 for the S4 Max, when new, these ex-hire models are incredible value. As they are all ex-hire models, they are used and therefore have some cosmetic markings, but have all been cleaned and fully serviced, meaning that they are all in good working order and come with a three month guarantee against manufacturing faults.

For more information, or to place an order call us on 0800 0258 005 or contact us via our Facebook page, or on Twitter @Wheelfreedom.

*Prices are excluding VAT