Product Profile: Pride i-Go Plus

Thu May 30 2019

True folding powerchairs first appeared a few years ago, and were somewhat “rough and ready” with compromises on performance and comfort needed to minimise weight, as well as folding mechanisms that were notoriously fiddly. Since then they’re been refined as technology has developed, and Pride’s new i-Go Plus is the culmination of this progress – comfortable, capable and surprisingly affordable.

The i-Go Plus has effectively replaced the original i-Go as Pride’s flagship folding powerchair, and is much improved. The folding mechanism is incredibly smooth, and there is no need for fiddly actions like removing the joystick anymore. Simply fold the footplate in, pull the release latches together and the chair easily folds in on itself. It then can be stood up or wheeled along like a suitcase, making it perfect for storage, transport and travel.

There are now many more folding powerchairs available, so what makes the i-Go Plus stand out? Unlike its competitors it features much larger wheels with 12” rear pneumatics that make it more than capable outdoors. Other models feature tiny back wheels little larger than castors, which limit them to indoor or shopping centre use, despite what they may claim. Your i-Go Plus can be taken out and about where you choose to go, and we’ve even tested ours driving up a grassy slope, which it comfortably coped with.

The seating is also much improved, with a higher backrest than you’ll find on rival models, giving you more support and making the i-Go Plus comfortable to use for several hours at a time.

What’s more, the i-Go Plus is surprisingly cheap at £1,790 – most folding powerchairs are well over £2,000 or even reaching £3,000, while providing less performance. And with Pride Mobility being long-established as the leading UK scooter manufacturer, you know the i-Go Plus is a reliable and well-built powerchair.

For more information about the Pride i-Go Plus powerchair or to place an order please call our office on 0800 0258 005 or contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.