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Product Profile: Q100 R

Thu Jun 07 2018

The long-awaited Sunrise Medical Quickie Q100 R was released this summer, and is now available for long-term hire or purchase from Wheelfreedom. This ultra-compact, rear wheel drive powerchair offers excellent performance, stylish aesthetic and a long range. In fact, the Q100 R is big on everything except the price.

Coming in with a width of just 21 inches (54cm), it is one of the narrowest powerchairs on the market, allowing the user to navigate tighter spaces, designed to be more manoeuvrable around small homes and shops. It is not only indoors where the Q100 R shows its strengths. Outside it has the power and ability comparable to that of a larger powered wheelchair. Although rear-wheeled drive powerchairs generally do not have the manoeuvrability of mid -wheeled drive, this Quickie is a definite exception.

Fitted with Smart Base technology as standard, it has been specifically engineered with an emphasis on traction and stability. It is fitted with 55 Ah batteries, giving it a solid range of 19 miles. There are also optional extras, such as the low impact kerb climber, which will aid outdoor performance even more.

The Q100 R does not feature the advanced configuration options of more advanced powerchairs, however does have a surprising array of adjustable parts, as well as more options and features than your entry-level powered wheelchairs. These include seat width and depth, backrest and seat angles, armrest height and side guard position. There is also the option to adjust the 5-strap adjustable backrest for added comfort and postural support, with the upgrade of a JAY Shape backrest also possible.

For more information on The Sunrise Medical Quickie Q100 R or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 0800 0258 005 or contact us on Facebook, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.