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Quantum iLevel – Because A Lot Of Life Happens At Eye Level

Thu Dec 17 2015

Quantum’s new iLevel seat raiser is unique in allowing you to drive at walking pace while fully elevated. Available now on their flagship Q6 Edge 2.0, iLevel offers a whole host of benefits, not least of which is enhancing social situations, by putting you at eye level.

iLevel allows the seat to raise by 10 inches while still being able to drive safely at 3.5 mph – walking pace, whereas normally powerchairs are limited to a crawling pace when elevated. Faster actuators means it lifts quicker than comparable powerchairs, all at the single activation of a switch.

The most obvious benefit of this is improving social situations, putting you at eye level with those around you, rather than being stuck talking to someone’s waist. It also assists with access, for example to cupboards in a kitchen, while the adjustable seat to floor height helps with daily transfers into and out of the wheelchair.

For further information on Quantum iLevel, or to arrange a demonstration of the Q6 Edge 2.0, please speak to our powerchair specialists on 0800 025 8005.