Quickie Salsa M2 On Its Way

Mon Sep 08 2014

Sunrise Medical have released a new edition in the best-selling Quickie Salsa range of powerchairs, with the Salsa M2 on its way. This stylish new product is set to hit the shelves in October this year, and is sure to prove popular.

The Salsa M2 is not a replacement for the original Salsa M, instead acting as an alternative in the range. Similar in the most to the original Salsa M, it features a number of small changes. The emphasis is very much on style, with a matt black frame, and bodywork available in a range of colours - including black, should you wish to go for the monochrome look. Other small tweaks include 60Ah batteries for a longer range, as well as new castor beams that also see the ground clearance slightly improved.

Overall, this means the Salsa M2 is marginally better outdoors than the original Salsa M - though this does come at the expense of the width, which is slightly larger than the original, making it a little trickier to manoeuvre indoors. Both Salsas are being upgraded with the option for a 50° tilt module, to offer improved pressure relief. With both products fully supported by Sunrise Medical, there is now a choice between the original Salsa M, which is cheaper and narrower, and the Salsa M2 with slightly improved outdoor performance.

For further information on the Quickie Salsa range, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to our product specialists.