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Rollator popularity increases

Thu Jul 19 2018

At the beginning of the Summer we, after many months of research, started providing rollators for our customers. Since we started doing rollators, we have seen their demand grow at a rapid rate. It is often a popular alternative to mobility products such as wheelchairs as it allows the user that level of independence which can only come from walking on your own two feet.

This is why at Wheelfreedom we took our time in choosing what we considered the best rollator. We spent months testing different options from various manufacturers, eventually settling on the Invacare Dolomite Jazz2 610.

There are many important factors to take into consideration when deciding on a mobility product and we made sure to look for manoeuvrability, size, weight of the product, grip quality and ease of use, all of these are important factors to look into when getting the perfect rollator for you. Another important thing to consider is the aesthetic, which is why we went for the modern and stylish Dolomite.

Since the beginning of June we have tripled our stock of rollators due to the demand and had many enquiries for both hire and purchase. Rollators are available for short term hire, long term hire and purchase. With hire prices starting from as low as £12.50 a week!

For more information about rollators, or to place an order call on 0800 0258 005, or contact us on Facebook, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom