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Salsa M2 Mini - Narrowest MWD Powerchair

Tue Jan 12 2016

Released just a couple of months ago, and already gaining plenty of interest, Sunrise Medical’s new Salsa M2 Mini is the narrowest performance powerchair on the market. With an ultra-narrow chassis width of just 52 cm, it excels at manoeuvring around constricted spaces.

The M2 Mini features the same drive base as the Salsa M2, albeit narrower – meaning it has the same six wheel suspension, anti-pitch technology and kerb climbing ability as its wider cousin. The two compromises the M2 Mini offers on outdoor performance are smaller batteries, and the top speed being limited to 4 mph, whereas the M2 is available with 6 or 8 mph.

While both are clearly capable indoors and out, the M2 Mini is the obvious choice for those using their wheelchair primarily indoors, with the standard M2 better for those using it outside more often. It is also worth noting that the larger seat sizes on the M2 Mini will overhang the base – while the overall width is always narrower than the full-size M2, the benefits are most pronounced with a narrow seat. Therefore, slender people will enjoy the most benefits from the M2 Mini’s ultra-narrow base. The M2 Mini is available in three versions – the adult one with a 16 – 20” seat, a paediatric version, and one for teenagers too.