Scoozy Mobility Scooter in the Wheelfreedom Showroom

Scoozy - The Alternative Mobility Scooter

Mon Jan 31 2022

The NEW Scoozy Mobility Scooter that everyone is talking about, is now available at our Showroom! The Scoozy is an alternative mobility scooter with multiple functions that make it ideal for many users.

Wheelfreedom proudly welcome the new Scoozy Mobility Scooter

With tonnes of mobility scooters available to hire and purchase at our Wheelfreedom showroom, we recently decided to take on the Scoozy as a new product. You may wonder what makes the Scoozy Scooter so unique and this blog aims to explain why.

A hybrid mobility scooter that has the features of a powerchair

One of the unique features of the Scoozy is the joy stick. The powerchair style control means it has the performance of a scooter but is suitable for those who may have limited use in one hand or reduced strength.

The joy stick is easy to use and contributes to a smooth ride. The pad on the scooter is also simplistic, featuring indicators, horn, lights, battery, hazard buttons, as well las a drive, speed and stop function.

The Scoozy can be turned on easily at a press of a button and a tap of the fob. The fob is extremely useful as it limits the capability of accidently pressing buttons which could ultimately lead to accidents.

The Scoozy Mobility Scooter is suitable for off-road and pavements

The Scoozy has a powerful drive and is great for all types of surfaces. If you enjoy going on adventures or exploring the countryside, then look no further. The Scoozy is capable of climbing up small curbs and driving over rough terrains and fields.

With a lithium ion battery, you are guaranteed a long range of 6o miles and a speed reaching 8mph. This scooter cross electric wheelchair is perfect for those who want to go further afield.

Peace of mind with the Scoozy

Getting a mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair can seem a little daunting at first. If you are not used to using powered equipment, you may feel unsteady. Whether you are to using mobility aids or an existing user, it is important that you feel both safe and comfortable.

Thankfully, Scoozy was designed in a way that looked at some of the most common issues users experience with scooters, meaning it is more sturdy and reliable than a lot of other competitors.

The Scoozy features speed sensitive steering which means you can take corners with ease, feeling steady. A seatbelt is also added for extra security!

The suspension and large 16 inch wheels also allow you to drive over bumps and rough terrain without feeling any impact.

To conclude, the design and functionality of the Scoozy mobility scooter means their is less chance of accidents. They have even received awards for their innovative design including the ASML Young Makers Award!


The Alternative Mobility Scooter
Find out more about the Scoozy and Wheelfreedom's verdict.

Who is the Scoozy Scooter suitable for?

What makes the Scoozy so fantastic is that it is suitable for most people. Because of it's long range capabilities and hand control, people who live in more rural locations or living with reduced mobility as a result of arthritis, stroke, postural or back issues will find this a useful aid.

If you have more complex needs, why not speak with a product specialist to help you find the right product? We are able to offer mobility assessments at our showroom or your home.