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Stand Out With The Jive Up

Fri Oct 30 2015

We are proud to be amongst the first to offer Sunrise Medical`s new Quickie Jive Up. Building on the success of the market leading Jive M powerchair, it includes a stand function, giving a wide range of health, social and practical benefits.

Standing is associated with a number of health benefits, including pressure relief - particularly for those who cannot independently shift their weight, improved muscle tone and bone condition, as well as deeper respiration and better bowel and bladder function. However, the benefits are not limited to just health ones - with the additional function and reach having practical uses too, while being at eye level enhances social interactions.

The Jive Up allows you to choose from a wide range of positions as well as just standing, including tilt and recline, the ability to lie down, a regular sitting position, and a transfer position. These are all easily controlled from the R-Net controller, and can be configured to match your precise needs and comfort. This ability to customise extends to the seating too, with Sunrise Medical`s leading JAY range available, all in your exact size.

While a significant investment, the Jive Up is a versatile powerchair that also boasts all the performance associated with the Jive M, both indoors and out. It is available from Wheelfreedom both for purchase, and on one and three year hire agreements. For further information, please speak to one of our Quickie Professional experts on 0800 025 8005, who can arrange a specialist consultation and assessment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of standing independently with your own custom-built Quickie Jive Up.