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Storm4 X-plore Powers In

Tue Aug 04 2015

If you are looking for a product that truly puts the "power" in powerchair, look no further than the Storm4 X-plore. A newly-released update to Invacare’s trusted Storm4 range, it offers unrivalled performance outdoors, and Invacare’s full range of high-end configurable Modulite seating.

The highlight of the new Storm4 X-plore is the upgraded True-Track Plus motors. Both gearless and brushless, they are harder wearing, and maintain torque even at lower speeds, while also being capable of driving at 8mph. They also allow the Storm4 X-plore to boast an unbeatable 37 mile range on a single charge, helped by the high-capacity 70 amp gel batteries, allowing you to go further than ever before.

While this gives the Storm4 X-plore unparalleled outdoor capabilities, it offers far more – with Modulite configurable seating for maximum comfort, a fold-down backrest, full crash-testing and Dahl docking station compatibility for transport, and a choice of six shroud colours to allow personalisation of your powerchair.

For further information on the Invacare Storm4 X-plore, or to arrange a consultation, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to one of our specialists.