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Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700-Up Standing powerchair

Thu Aug 16 2018

The new Sunrise Medical Quickie Q700-Up Standing powerchair, is the latest, and greatest standing powerchair currently on the market. An upgrade from Sunrise’s Quickie Jive Up, the Q700 is packed full of new features both internally and externally to allow you to experience life from a different point of view.

With the press of a single button, the Q700-Up M allows you to stand whenever and wherever you want, doing this has some significant benefits for both your health and comfort. These include, pressure relief, which is particularly beneficial to those with limited movement and improved reach and easier interaction with your environment. The health benefits include, but aren’t limited to, deeper respiration, reduction in muscular atrophy and vital organ capacity. These are all aided significantly by the body being held in a more natural position.

One of the major upgrades Sunrise have made is to their seating, introducing the SEDEO ERGO biomechanical seating system with patented biometric repositioning. The seat cushion itself is designed in such a way that it has been divided into three elements. This allows for the two lateral side cushions to be swung-out and lifted off, enabling the user to comfortably transfer to or from the chair. The middle part can also be substituted for a cushion in the JAY range. The SEDEO ERGO seating also offers power recline, which is supported by 7 inches of anti-shear, which will better maintain the positioning of the headrest and prevents friction when lying down. To aid comfortable seating the centre mounted footplate allows a full 90° knee angle when seated, and can go all the way to the floor, for the user to perform standing transfers in and out of the chair.

The base of the Q700-Up has seen the introduction of ever popular Spidertrac suspension technology, however this time in the form of Spidertrac 2.0, which is more durable and provides better suspension than its predecessor. Being a mid-wheel drive powerchair means that the Q700 is incredibly agile and able to manoeuvre tight spaces, this is aided by its incredibly narrow width, just 24.5 inches, meaning small doorways and tight corridors will no longer be a problem as the Q700-Up M can also turn on its own axis. With its independent movement of all six wheels, the non-drive wheels give the ability to climb up and down obstacles of up to 10°, whilst keeping all six wheels on the ground for added stability. More key features of the Q700 include a 25-mile range, 60 or 80 ah batteries and a speed range of 4-8 mph.

As standard the Q700-Up comes with the intuitive and impressive 120A R-net controls with all your tilt and recline actions, all of this can be found on the high-resolution colour LCD joystick. We would also recommend the optional extras available. The CTRL+ 5 box allows for the user to move into five pre-defined seat positions by simply pressing the relevant button. The Switch-It remote seating App (Which comes as standard with the optional CTRL+5 box) measures your seating angles and the length of time you spend in each position in order to track your overall health and can set pressure relief reminders, which aid in pressure management. A log of these stats can also be kept and sent to your clinician. The whole control system can also be expanded to include personalised commands, as well as the option of Bluetooth or infrared environmental controls such as the ability to connect to your phone, adjust the volume on your tv and even dim the lights.

Combine all of this with its sleek minimalist design and 6 feature colour options, you have everything you would need in a powerchair. Here at Wheelfreedom, we will be one of the first dealers in the country to have a demo model available for consultations.

For more information, or to book a consultation with Wheelfreedom, please contact us on 0800 025 8005 or contact us through our Facebook page, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.