Sunrise Medical Salsa M Upgrade

Fri May 16 2014

Sunrise Medical have this week announced an upgrade to their popular Salsa M powered wheelchair, with larger capacity batteries now supplied as standard. Demonstrating their commitment to constantly reviewing and improving their products, this follows on from January`s introduction of the HD variant of the Salsa M, as well as the launch of 50° tilt in space.

The new batteries have a capacity of 55Ah, offering a 10% higher capacity than the previous 50Ah batteries. Sourced from a new supplier, these batteries have gone through extensive testing over the last year, and have conclusively outperformed the previous batteries. The higher capacity means that the Salsa M has an improved range of up to 10% more than previously, allowing you to go further with your wheelchair. They remain advanced GEL-type batteries, offering performance and reliability un-matched by more basic types of batteries.

Perhaps most importantly, these improved batteries are offered with no increase in price, meaning you can now get more from the Sunrise Medical Salsa M without paying any extra. Like all our powered wheelchairs, the Salsa M is available for both purchase and long-term hire, and we are able to carry out specialist consultations to ensure it is set up correctly for your needs.

For further information, please call us on 0800 025 8005.