TGA "Maximo" On Its Way

Mon Jul 14 2014

Leading scooter manufacturer TGA has launched their new Maximo scooter this summer at Naidex National 2014. Following on in the footsteps of the popular Minimo scooter, it offers the same easy-folding design with the performance and comfort of an 8mph scooter.

Last year`s Minimo scooter from TGA has proven popular with those after a compact easy-folding scooter, and the Maximo builds on this success. It offers better performance than the Minimo, and can be driven on the road at speeds of up to 8 mph, with the user kept in comfort by full suspension and pneumatic tyres. Safety is ensured by bright LED lighting and the conventional 4-wheel arrangement offering high levels of stability. However, by necessity, there are trade-offs with the Maximo to ensure it can fold.

It has a limited weight capacity of just 17.5 stone, while the range is limited to 12.5 miles – both far less than that offered on conventional 8 mph scooters. Additionally, the Maximo is too heavy to be easily lifted by a single person, limiting its transportability. Despite this, the Maximo is an interesting niche product, perhaps best for those that want a comfortable and fast scooter, but who lack the storage for a traditional one.

The Maximo`s folding design means it takes up far less space, and can even fit in the back of larger cars such as estates or 4x4s. With the same super-light Li-On batteries found on the Minimo, they can be easily removed to charge off the scooter. Available later this year, the Maximo is a scooter we will be watching with interest.

If you would like further information on TGA`s latest product, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to one of our specialists.