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The all-terrain Four X: now available

Fri Feb 19 2016

We are now able to offer the Finnish-made Chasswheel range of all-terrain powerchairs, which have been taken under Invacare`s brand in the UK. This eye-catching range of off-road powerchairs feature a host of options, and a choice of any colour you like - so you don`t have to go for pink!

The Four X DL is an outdoor-only powerchair, meaning that those needing to use a wheelchair indoors will need to get a separate indoor one. This limitation nonetheless allows the Four X DL to truly excel outdoors: all four large wheels are powered, with advanced suspension and shock absorption, while the flexible chassis is unique. It can handle steeper slopes, rougher ground, and even sandy beaches that conventional powerchairs aren`t capable of traversing.

While the seating is not as clinical as that on high-end prescriptive chairs such as the Quickie Jive and Invacare TDX ranges, the Four X DL still has a choice of seating, including Recaro specialist seats. Powered positioning with powered tilt comes as standard, while lift and recline are both optional extras. The Four X DL can also be fitted as a standing wheelchair, and is the best performing outdoor standing powered wheelchair available.

The other model available is the Four X Urban - a slightly more compact wheelchair. This allows it to be used in some indoor situations, such as larger shops, offices, and also to better negotiate city streets. As the name suggests, this is the more "urban" focused of the two models, with slightly reduced off-road performance (though still very impressive) to attain better accessibility. Both Chasswheel models are available from Wheelfreedom now, and our powerchair specialists can arrange a consultation should you wish to try one out.