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Top tips for traveling on a plane in a wheelchair

Fri Jul 13 2018

Summer has been well and truly here in the UK for some time, with us enjoying some of the hottest weather in some years, however it is still the prime time to take your summer holiday. This has not always been easy for those who are disabled and especially for those who need to take a wheelchair or powerchair away with them.

In April the government endeavoured to make this easier for the disabled community by outlining some measures which could be put in place to ensure that those who require assistance have a much easier time when traveling via plane.

These changes may be a while off yet, so we have decided to share some of the tips we have found in order to limit any risk of stress or disappointment when going away:

Contact your airline: It is always important to let your airline know that you will need assistance well in advance of your journey, this allows the airline to put in place the necessary arrangements. It has also been advised to contact the airline again 24 hours prior to take off to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival.

Remove any parts which can be removed: A problem which has been frequently reported by customers of our is that the airline has lost, or damaged, certain parts of their chairs. To make this less likely to happen it is advised to remove parts of your chair which can be easily removed, such as cushions, footplates and even headrests where applicable, and store them in your hand luggage.

Pack a tool kit: Continuing from the above tip, many people opt to take a small tool kit with them when traveling, this ensures that any minor damage and loose screws can be fixed on the spot without worry of having to either find a retailer who can help or worse, prevent you from being able to use the chair. If you have any concerns about how to make minor adjustments, feel free to contact us and we can always talk you through anything.

Insurance: This may sound obvious, but make sure you get insurance which will fully cover any damages that could potentially occur. It may also be worth seeing where the local mobility shop is to where you are staying whilst researching your holiday.

Keep asking questions: Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask anything. Nothing is a ‘stupid’ question when it comes to your mobility. It is good to make sure you know every detail you need to know and to understand the details of where you and your wheelchair need to go. You can never have too much information. This is important in order to ensure that these processes are suitable for your specific needs.

What other tips do you have for traveling in a wheelchair?

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