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What are the best off-road mobility aids?

Fri Oct 01 2021

If you lead a life in which adventure abounds, you need a mobility aid that can keep up.

Off-road mobility aids have the specialist features that ensure a smooth and safe trip over tough terrain.

In this guide, we outline the key features to look for when choosing an off-road mobility scooter, powerchair, rollator or powered handbike.

Keep reading to find out the best off-road products out there to tackle steep climbs, uneven tracks and a floor full of obstacles, giving you the confidence to take on your next outdoor adventure.

Off-road mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are battery powered, typically have three or four wheels and are equipped with a handlebar that allows for easy steering.

You can get mobility scooters that are best suited to pavement or off-road journeys.

Off-road mobility scooters are designed to travel over challenging tracks. The features of an off-road mobility scooter combine to offer a sturdier, smoother and safer ride.

What features should you look for in an off-road mobility scooter?

Sturdy tyres

Bigger, chunky high-grip tyres with strengthened alloys allow you to take on any surface.

Enhanced suspension

Off-road means you’re likely to be navigating bumpy ground. To avoid a jolty ride that can be uncomfortable, especially if you suffer from aches and pains, look for a mobility scooter with superior suspension. This way you can glide over ground with ease.

Miles per charge

Outdoor adventures can mean long distances. The more powerful the motor, the quicker batteries drain, so off-road scooters need both powerful motors and large batteries, giving you the freedom to stay out for hours.

Comfortable seat

Adjustable and padded seats offer premium comfort. Rotating seats are valuable if you find it difficult to get in and out of a scooter.


Off-road mobility scooters need to put safety first, so look out for features such as bumpers, bright LED lights, mirrors and emergency brakes.


For those long off-road adventures, you may want to pack drinks, snacks and waterproofs, so a scooter with ample storage can come in very handy.

What’s the best off-road mobility scooter?

TGA Vita X

The Vita X is the most advanced member of the Vita range, featuring cutting edge technology that gives it off-road capabilities.

  • Chunky high-grip tyres combine with strengthened alloys to allow the Vita X to negotiate uneven surfaces.

  • An enhanced 200 Ah controller and 900 W motor gives the Vita X the power it needs.

  • Large 70 Ah batteries allow it to be used on journeys of up to 25 miles.

  • Fully adjustable leather racing seat that provides extra lateral support.

  • Advanced suspension

  • Convenient rear carrying bracket behind the seat

  • Emergency braking system

  • Full lighting system comprised of high-visibility LED lights

Off-road powerchairs

Powerchairs are battery powered and tend to be controlled using a joystick. Most powerchairs can be used both inside and outdoors, but specialist models are available specifically suited to help you navigate your off-road excursions.

Bigger wheels, better suspension, higher travel range and easier manoeuvrability make for a more comfortable trip.

What features should you look out for in an off-road powerchair?

Wheel drive

Powerchairs can have rear-wheel, front-wheel, and mid-wheel drive.

Working the same way as cars, rear-wheel drive powerchairs are “intuitive” to drive. With two larger wheels at the back, these powerchairs are more stable, offering the best outdoors performance.

Enhanced suspension

A powerchair with a good suspension absorbs jolts from terrain and obstacles, resulting in a smoother ride.

Longer range

Larger batteries allow for longer travel range, ideal for lengthy journeys outdoors.


Look out for a configurable seat and backrest to fit your powerchair to you.

Wheel size

Bigger wheels are better suited for the outdoors, providing stability and sturdiness when tackling tough surfaces.

Adjustable seating

Powered seating functions can help to position you comfortably and stably, whatever ground you're going over. Powered tilt is particularly helpful to support posture, relieve pressure and keep you in the correct seating position when going up and down hills.

What are the best off-road powerchairs?

Best folding powerchair for off-road:

Motion Healthcare Foldalite Trekker

The Trekker is the top performing model of the Foldalite range. The main difference is its improved outdoor capabilities.

  • Larger 12 inch rear wheels

  • Suspension

  • Powerful 250 Watt motors

  • Higher capacity Lithium Ion batteries offer a longer 13 mile range

  • Foldable to make it easier to transport

  • A digital LCD screen joystick, which includes a built-in USB port to charge your phone on the go

  • Three drive profiles for use around different environments

  • Comfortable 18 inch seat and 23.5 stone weight capacity

Best non-folding powerchair for off-road:

Invacare Aviva RX40

The RX40 is a market-leading rear-wheel drive powerchair that provides outstanding comfort and unrivalled outdoor performance, whilst being incredibly compact.

  • Ultra-compact 56cm base

  • Outstanding range of up to 31 miles

  • 8 mph top speed

  • Fully adjustable patented CTC suspension that means you can choose between a stiffer, sporty ride, or a spongier more comfortable setting - giving you great control, superior traction and extra comfort.

  • Elastomer dampeners ensure there’s no squeaking

  • Modulite seat provides a personalised fit and no compromise between comfort, support and pressure management

  • Sleek and discreet seat riser uniquely can be elevated even when driving - no need to stop to activate it

  • LiNX G-Trac gyro is a popular addition, correcting even the smallest deviation in your intended path

Off-road rollators

A rollator is worth considering if you can walk, but need a little extra support with stability and balance. This can be particularly important when you’re on uneven ground.

Off-road rollators are designed with this in mind, built with features to give you the confidence to get out and about.

What features should you look out for in an off-road rollator?

Sturdy wheels

Rollators with large chunky wheels are more suited to travelling on gravel paths, grass and rough tracks. Bigger wheels make it easier to navigate over obstacles and increase your comfort. Pneumatic tyres in particular are more equipped to tackle rough terrain as they’re better at absorbing shocks, allowing for a smoother journey that’s gentler on your joints.

Forearm supports

Forearm supports let you lean into your rollator for extra stability and safety. Look specifically for those that can be adjusted in height, angle and depth to tailor your rollator to you.

Ergonomic soft-grip handles

For maximum stability, you want handles that can be configured to you and are comfortable to hold; that’s what ergonomic soft-grip handles offer.


On your off-road excursions you may want to sit for a rest or to take in the views along the way, so having an accessible seat anytime and anywhere is valuable.

What’s the best off-road rollator?

Mobilex Tiger Off-Road Forearm Walker

The Off-Road version of the Tiger is designed for use on rougher ground beyond just paved surfaces.

  • Large chunky wheels - 11 inches at the front and 8 inches at the back

  • Forearm supports that can be adjusted for height and length, as well as angled inwards to match your size and posture

  • Comfortable seat

  • Storage bag

Off-road powered handbike

The ideal wheelchair companion to take your mobility to the next level.

Keep the wheelchair you know and love, but make it more diverse in its capabilities. A powered handbike attaches onto your wheelchair so you’re able to go up steep hills, along muddy forest trails, and across uneven fields with ease.

What features should you look out for in an off-road powered handbike?

Highly configurable

Rather than being an "off the shelf" product with a "one size fits all" approach, get a powered handbike that can be tailored to meet your requirements. Made to order powered handbikes are available, allowing you to choose anything from the handlebars, tyres and battery to suit your lifestyle, to frame colour to suit your style.

Powerful motor

The more powerful the motor, the more capable of tackling adventurous terrain.

High speed and long range

If you’re thinking of getting a powered handbike for serious off-roading, chances are you’re a thrill-seeker, so be sure to check the top speed and mile range to get a model that takes you further, faster.

Sturdy wheels

When reading the wheel descriptions for handbikes, look for words like durable and strong. You want shock absorption to reduce vibrations, so make sure the wheels offer good suspension. For optimum performance, handbikes are best paired with specialist off-road rear wheels such as Loopwheels Extreme as these have integrated suspension. The three loops in each wheel act as a self-correcting system, constantly adjusting to uneven terrain.

What are the best off-road powered handbikes?

Triride Special Compact HT

Triride's most popular model, the Special Compact HT is a true master of all - featuring the power and torque for serious off-roading, whilst remaining light and compact enough for use in more restricted spaces.

  • Powerful 1400W high torque motor

  • Chunky all-road tyre upgrade

  • Top speed of 12.4 mph

  • Impressive 31 mile range dependent on battery choice

  • Compact and smaller than many of the usual off-road handbikes

  • 12" wheel allow for better turning

  • 11.5 kg frame weight combined with the compact size, means it’s much simpler to transport

Triride T-Rocks

Triride's T-Rocks cannot be beaten for performance. It is their biggest, chunkiest and most powerful handbike, and can take you places other handbikes can’t.

  • Whopping 20" fat wheel to cope with the roughest ground you can find

  • 1500W motor that gives you a top speed of 18.6 mph

  • Twin batteries result in a mind-blowing range of 50 miles

Take on your next adventure

Know no limits by getting the best off-road mobility aid that keeps up with your active and outdoorsy lifestyle; there’s no obstacle too big, hill too steep or ground too tough when you’ve got the right product for you.

You can visit our Chessington showroom to try out and compare any of the products mentioned above, plus chat with our in-house experts for further information and guidance. Alternatively, if you’re unable to come in person, give us a call on 0800 025 8005 so we can answer any questions and provide specialist, impartial advice on the right model for you.