What do I need? Knee Scooter or Leg Trolley?

Thu Mar 08 2018

We receive many calls from customers who have recently suffered a foot or ankle injury asking which the best option for them is, the Knee Scooter or the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley. Both the Knee scooter and the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley function in the same way, by resting the knee of the injured lower leg on the knee rest pad, and pushing along the ground using the uninjured leg, propelling the Knee Scooter or Leg Trolley in the desired direction. But which is the right one for you?

The Knee Scooter
Also known as the Knee Walker by Drive Medical, the knee Scooter is steered using the handlebar, on which can be found the brakes. These brakes can also be ‘locked’ in order to allow the user to maintain a consistent position, without fear of the Knee Scooter moving when shifting weight, which is ideal for when making a cup of tea or stopping at the crossing. A key feature of the Knee Scooter, alongside the brakes are its larger, more robust wheels allow this to comfortably be used outside and along thicker carpets, giving more freedom of use than the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley.

The Orthopaedic Leg Trolley
The first of it’s kind to be added to our hire fleet, designed to replace the requirement of crutches, it is designed for indoor use and has the option to ride ‘hands-free’ being steered through pressure from the knee, and assisted if needs by the handle. Despite its weight of only 6kg, this product has a weight capacity of up to 180 kg, proving its durability. The Orthopaedic Leg Trolleys small and light frame gives it much more manoeuvrability, especially around tight spaces such as a house or flat, and a smaller turning circle than the Knee Scooter.

Technical Specs

Knee Scooter

Leg Trolley


1.6st (10.3 kg)

13.2lbs (6 kg)

Knee Rest Height

Adj. 18-21.5 in (46-55 cm)

Adj. 18-24.5 in (46-62.5 cm)

Knee Rest Length

14 in (36 cm)

12 in (30.5 cm)

Knee Rest Width

7 in (18 cm)

8.3 in (21 cm)

Handlebar Height

Adj. 33-29.5 in (84-100 cm)

Adj. 36.5-43 in (93-109 cm)

Folded Height

18 in (46cm)


Wheel Frame Length

27 in (69 cm)

19.3 in (49 cm)

Wheel Frame Width

17 in (44 cm)

11.5 in (29 cm)

Weight Capacity

21.4 st (136 kg)

28 st (180 kg)

This is not to say that the Knee Scooter and Orthopaedic Leg Trolley are mutually exclusive of one another. Many people opt to use both. One for upstairs, one for downstairs, one for inside, one for outside, one for wooden floors and one for thicker carpets.

For more information on either the Knee Scooter or the Orthopaedic Leg Trolley or to place an order call us on 0800 0258 005, or contact us on our Facebook page or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.