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Your Guide to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Tue Jan 31 2023

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are vehicles that have been specifically adapted to allow wheelchair users to easily transfer from their wheelchair to a car seat. Wheelchair accessible vehicles also include adaptations to store mobility products and assist the driver if they have limited mobility or difficulty driving a standard vehicle.

Different Ways to Adapt your Vehicle for your Wheelchair

There are a number of ways to adapt your vehicle and this is entirely dependent on your individual needs. Some people may need to modify their vehicle to include storage for their wheelchair, powerchair or scooter. Others may need to adapt their vehicle from a clinical perspective and to assist with the ergonomics of driving.

Types of adaptations to your vehicle include:

  • Driving controls such as mechanical and electric hand controls, pedal adaptations, steering aids and additional remote control functions

  • Swivel seats for safe transfers

  • Hoists for safe transfers

  • Boot Hoists that raise and store mobility aids in the boot of a vehicle

  • Wheelchair roof top boxes

  • Posture strap ons

  • Perspex screens

  • Other bespoke adaptations

What is the cost to adapt a vehicle?

Adapting your vehicle varies in cost, dependent on your individual needs and requirements.

If you are looking to adapt a vehicle on a budget, there are many options to choose from. For instance, electric and manual versions of swivel seats are available and generally speaking, manual options are a more cost-effective alternative. If you are looking to adapt or modify your vehicle, we always recommend using a specialist such as Autochair or Ergomobility.

At Wheelfreedom, we are pleased to have Autochair's popular boot hoist in our showroom to demonstrate. If you are interested in any products from Autochair, then please give us a call to speak with a specialist.

Try AutoChair's Hoist at our Wheelfreedom Showroom

Compatible Products for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Adaptations

Most products are compatible with vehicle adaptations but it can depend on specifications of the vehicle, such as the height and width of the door.

Products that are usually purchased to be used with vehicle adaptations such as hoists include mobility scooters, powerchairs, and wheelchairs.

Some of our most popular products purchased to be used in an adapted vehicle include our folding powerchairs such as the Trekker, Q50 and D09. Popular scooters as pictured in our showroom car include the Minimo +4. Wheelchair and powered wheelchair optons include the Nitrum and the YPush.

These are just a few popular choices from our huge selection of mobility products and we always advise speaking to a specialist to find out more. We offer assessments and demonstrations on many of our products to give you the peace of mind you need to purchase equipment that is comfortable, supportive and reliable. Our recommended suppliers, Autochair and Ergomobility also offer assessments for all customers.

 Find out more information

For more information on wheelchair adapted vehicles or to have us refer you to our recommended suppliers, simply give us a call on 0800 025 8005.

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