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Which scooter or powerchair for public transport?

Tue Mar 31 2015

We often get asked by people hiring mobility equipment on a short-term basis which scooter or powered wheelchair they can take on public transport. We`ve therefore put together this guide to give people an introduction to suitable products. A vital thing to bear in mind is that each public transport service provider has their own requirements and size limits for scooters and wheelchairs, and it is always worth checking these with them before hiring. However, we have found that the following products work best.

For mobility scooters, the Pride Go Go is the only real option – as a compact boot scooter, it is the easiest to take on a bus or train, and can also fit into taxis. However, powerchairs are the better option when possible, as they offer much improved turning circles. The Jazzy Select 6 is the best choice, with manoeuvrable mid wheel drive allowing it to turn on the spot, great for getting into those tight spaces on buses. It will also fit in taxis, though may occasionally struggle with steep ramps. If those are a concern, the Quickie Salsa M is an alternative, with more powerful motors and improved outdoor performance.

For further assistance in choosing a scooter or powered wheelchair to use on public transport, please don`t hesitate to contact us on 0800 025 8005.