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Which Wheelchair Is Best For Your Child?

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With quite a few wheelchairs available to hire for your child, we`ve provided this handy summary to help you work out which is best suited.

Children aged 4 – 7: • Children`s Wheelchair – lightweight and foldable, ideal for easy transport. Self-propelling wheels allow the child to move themselves around if they wish. • Children`s Wheelchair with Elevated Leg Rest – ideal for keeping a broken leg (or legs!) horizontal. • Children`s Reclining Wheelchair – with a 30° recline to aid comfort, available with either normal legrests or elevating ones.

Children aged 8 and over: • Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair – a narrower size of our adult wheelchair, this is ideal for older children and teenagers. • Lightweight Elevated Leg Rest Wheelchair – as above, a narrower version of the adult wheelchair. Elevating leg rests help recovery from injury. More advanced conditions: • Children`s Tilt in Space Wheelchair – with adjustable seating, this can be set up to fit children of most ages. Offers tilt, recline, elevating leg rests, and fully padded seating with postural support.

Powered wheelchairs: • Zippie Salsa M – advanced configurable powerchair, with a range of seating options. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All of these products are available on a short-term hire basis. We also have other powerchairs available for long-term hire or purchase, which can be viewed here.

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