Why choose a made-to-measure rise and recliner?

Fri Dec 10 2021

If you find it difficult to sit and stand, or are seated for long periods of time, a rise and recliner chair could be for you.

Rise and recliners provide comfort, support and can help maintain your mobility and independence.

You can choose between standard and made-to-measure rise and recliners. The standard options are useful in terms of speed and convenience, enabling you to get a chair quickly.

A made-to-measure chair, on the other hand, is built to your exact size. Here we outline why a made-to-measure rise and recliner is the best choice to make.

What is a rise and recliner?

The rising motion helps you sit down and stand up by reducing the effort required. You’re guided into a safe position, preventing any strain on joints.

A rise and recline chair is designed with long periods of sitting in mind. To alleviate pain, relieve pressure and support posture, you can switch between sitting, feet up and reclining, keeping you comfortable for any length of time. 

Do you need a rise and recline chair?

If you need support to sit down and stand up, if you are sitting for long lengths of time, if you’ve been advised to elevate your legs for medical reasons, or if you suffer from chronic pain, then a rise and recliner is worth considering.

What are the benefits of a made-to-measure rise and recliner?

To maximise benefits, we strongly recommend getting a made-to-measure rise and recliner. Since we’re all different shapes and sizes there’s no one size fits all when it comes to comfort and support.

A made-to-measure rise and recliner fits to you and your needs in order to:

Ensure comfort

  • Built to your exact dimensions in the fabric and style of your choice, a customised rise and recliner ensures optimum comfort.

Provide support

  • A rise and recliner that’s tailored to you gives you support where you need it most. Perhaps it’s your posture, or is it more your circulation? Is it to help relieve chronic pain, or solely to help you stay mobile? A custom-built rise and recliner puts together the pieces most suited to you.

Improve posture

  • A made-to-measure rise and recliner does the work for you when it comes to maintaining a good posture. Its ergonomic design gets you sitting at the correct angle with feet and arms in the best position for support.

Redistribute pressure

  • A made-to-measure rise and recliner allows for weight redistribution. By adjusting the chair’s position and angle regularly, pressure is relieved, ensuring you’re safe and protected in your chair.

Relieve aches and pains

  • Arthritis pain, aching joints and back pain can all be eased with a made-to-measure rise and recliner. 

Help circulation

  • Poor circulation can result from not moving around. The different positions a rise and recliner offers, from sitting upright to reclining to having your feet up, keeps you moving, enabling sufficient blood flow.

Maintain mobility and independence

  • Standing and sitting can be painful and anxiety-inducing, impacting your day-to-day life. With a rise and recliner, you’re gently raised and lowered, helping you to stand and sit at the press of a button, giving you the freedom and flexibility to carry on your everyday.

Match your decor

  • It’s only right that a chair for your home should match your home. You want practicality, but you also want style. With a made-to-measure rise and recliner, you get to choose the fabric that ensures your chair fits seamlessly into your home.

Handmade in the UK

  • All of our made-to-measure chairs are handmade in the UK as we’ve found this allows for higher build quality and better materials.

What features of a rise and recliner can you customise?

Motor Mechanism

The motor option you choose determines how your chair moves.

Single motor

This reclines at the same time as raising the footrest. It is cheaper than a dual motor but offers less flexibility of position.

Dual motor

This allows the backrest and footrest to be adjusted independently of one another, giving you greater freedom over your positioning.

Tilt in space

This is available with either single or dual motors, helping to maintain a consistent 90° back angle as the chair reclines.


This raises the chair and tilts you forward to assist with standing and sitting. Most rise and recliners come with this feature - hence the name!


This is a single motor chair, ideal for limited space since it requires only a 5-6″ gap behind.


A backrest supports both back and head, so needs to be suited to you in height, width, cushioning and design.

Among the common backrest designs are:


As the most popular option, this backrest offers great comfort, usually with the option of adjusting cushions to fit.

Lumbar or split back

This provides additional support to the lumbar area of your back.


This provides support to either of your sides, helping maintain posture; it’s particularly suited to those lacking core strength.

Button back

This is a traditional style usually chosen on looks.


This is a smart single-piece backrest that offers good comfort.


The central gap between the cushions provides support for the length of your spine; ideal for those with curvature.

Weight limit

Your chair should accommodate your current weight, as well as allowing for weight fluctuation to ensure it’s fit for the long term.

Seat depth

To prevent sliding forwards because the seat is too deep or being in discomfort because the seat is too shallow, the seat depth needs to be right. The correct depth supports the total length of your thigh.

Seat width

Too wide and you could end up leaning more towards one side which can have repercussions on the spine. Too narrow and you’ll feel squashed and uncomfortable. The right seat width helps with hip support and stability, plus ensures you can rest your arms comfortably.


Armrests can offer different looks, with options including scroll or straight arms. Armrests can also provide valuable support with stability and control over movements. Wooden knuckle arms, for example, can be a useful gripping point to help push yourself up into a standing position.


There’s hundreds of fabric options out there for your made-to-measure rise and recliner. From woven through to leather, choose the fabric most suited to your comfort and style. 

Where can you get a made-to-measure rise and recliner?

Here at Wheelfreedom, we have seating specialists to talk you through your made-to-measure rise and recliner. At our Chessington showroom you can try out options, discuss preferences and have your measurements taken for your tailor-made chair.

If you’ve got any questions or want to find out more about getting a made-to-measure rise and recliner, you can reach us on 0800 025 8005.