Car Hoists

Wheelfreedom are partnered with Autochair, the leading supplier and manufacturer of hoists and lifts for getting your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair into your car, to assist our customers in regaining their independence. Founded by David Walker OBE in 1983, Autochair have over thirty year of experience of vehicle hoists, transfer solutions and driving aids.

Smart Lifters

While mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are great at helping people get out and about by themselves, transporting them in a car is not always easy. Only a limited number and type can be easily lifted into a vehicle, which may not suit the needs of those who need larger, more comfortable or more advanced scooters and wheelchairs. Additionally, the need to have another person present to dismantle your boot scooter or wheelchair and lift it into a car further limits your independence.

There are two solutions to this - the traditional one is the use of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, which has a low base and ramps that enable you to drive in. These can be very expensive, and limit you to van-like vehicles.

The alternative that Autochair offer is their range of UK manufactured Smart Lifter hoists. Easy to use with a simple 4-button remote control, these hoists can lift almost all types of powerchairs and mobility scooters in just 60 seconds, even the larger and more advanced ones that weigh up to 200 kg. They can also be used to hoist manual wheelchairs, should that be required.

Further to that, the Smart Lifter range can be fitted to hundreds of different models of cars, even many smaller ones. The hoist then sits discreetly out of the way when not in use, leaving the space in your car boot free for other uses when not transporting a scooter or wheelchair.

For further information on Smart Lifter hoists, please call 0800 059 0075 to speak directly to one of Autochair's hoist specialists, who will be able to discuss their suitability to your needs, and arrange the fitting, or to one of our experienced product specialists on 0800 025 8005.

Autochair will arrange an initial assessment and demonstration, and then from point of order, your new hoist will be fitted at your address usually within 7 days - and often much sooner.

Smart Transfer

Autochair also manufacture transfer solutions to help you get safely into your vehicle. These include the Person Lift that transfers you gently from wheelchair to car seat, fold-out Turboslide transfer boards, and a portable Smartbase version of their lift.

Driving Aids

Driving your car may also need specialist adaptations, and Autochair can assist with this too. They offer a wide range of driving aids, such as easy-to-use hand controls for those that cannot use their feet, steering aids when limited hand or finger movement precludes the use of a steering wheel, and others including left foot accelerators and T-shaped handles.

Autochair can be reached on 0800 059 0075, and their experienced vehicle adaptation specialists will be able to talk you through their range of products, services and what would be most appropriate to your situation.