OT Assessment Service

Wheelfreedom provide an Occupational Therapist consultation service for those needing high-level pressure care and postural support on a powered wheelchair.


This service is primarily aimed at those getting a configurable manual or powered wheelchair who have clinical seating needs, and who need to ensure they receive the appropriate level of comfort, support and pressure relief. However, for those who desire them, we are also able to provide an OT consultation for more basic wheelchairs and mobility scooters, although this is not normally needed.

While our trained specialists are experienced in providing seating solutions for customers, an OT assessment adds an extra level of expertise, ideal for people with advanced clinical needs. In particular, people at high risk of pressure sores, or needing complex postural support will benefit from a medical professional’s perspective.


If you choose to get an OT assessment, our specialists will advise you on the choice of powered wheelchair and the various options available with it. The Occupational Therapist will be responsible for recommending the appropriate backrest and seat cushion, as well as any other postural supports such as headrests and lateral supports that are needed.

Our Partnership

We are partnered with a team of world-class, hand-picked, professional Occupational Therapists. With decades of experience, our OTs are familiar with a vast amount of conditions, including head injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophies, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and motor neurone disease, as well as working with people from all age ranges and backgrounds.

For further information on our Occupational Therapist assessment service, please speak to one of our mobility specialists on 0800 025 8005.