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Powered Wheelchairs

We provide a complete powerchair solution, from initial consultation through to supply and back-up service during the lifetime of your wheelchair. Our specialists can carry out consultations and demonstrations at your address, assessing your needs, and recommending a suitable product and seating system that matches your medical requirements, which we can then supply either for purchase, hire or on Motability as preferred. We believe that you will not find anyone else offering all of the following benefits at such competitive prices:


Our Powerchairs

We aim to offer a powered wheelchair to suit every need and budget, with over 50 models available. These range from basic, affordable models for those without complex needs up to high-end custom-built prescriptive models with advanced seating options and powerful outdoor performance. We source our powered wheelchairs from several different manufacturers allowing you a wide range to choose from, and are constantly on the lookout for innovative new products to offer.

Wheelfreedom have partnered with market leaders Sunrise Medical since 2007, and this wealth of experience has seen us designated as Elite Dealers for their range of mobility equipment. With trained Quickie Professional staff on our team, we are experts in their high end Quickie powerchair range including the flagship Q-series, Salsa, Jive and Puma models, as well as in Zippie paediatric powerchairs and the Q700-Up standing powerchair. Sunrise Medical awarded us their Quickie Powered Wheelchair Dealer of the Year award in 2018 as recognition of our expertise with their range and commitment to providing an outstanding level of service.

Invacare have been the leading supplier into the NHS for a number of years, and we are specialists in their products. Amongst the most popular Invacare powerchairs are the TDX, Kite and Storm4 models with advanced suspension and powerful performance, as well as the more compact and affordable Pronto and Bora (Spectra XTR) ranges.

We also offer Pride’s Quantum range, which is the leading powerchair range in the USA, known for its style and innovative features such as the Q6 Edge 2.0’s iLevel seat lifter. Quantum are also the biggest supplier of bariatric powerchairs for heavier people.

Our range of more basic powerchairs includes the popular Pride Jazzy range and Roma Medical's selection of affordable electric wheelchairs such as the Marbella and Shoprider models. Our experience in high-end prescriptive powerchairs allows us to offer an enhanced service to those after more basic electric wheelchairs than other dealers who only offer them as a sideline to selling mobility scooters. Our specialist knowledge and extensive range lets us better match you to the ideal powered wheelchair, as well as being able to make adaptations going forward should your condition change.


We can carry out in-home assessments for all of our powered wheelchairs - one of our experienced product specialists will come out to demonstrate a selection of products, as well as assessing your environment and needs. This is vital for prescriptive powerchairs, which are built to order - however, it can also be invaluable for anyone looking to get an electric wheelchair, to ensure that a model is chosen that provides the comfort and performance required.

For those needing high-level pressure care and postural support, one of our partnered Occupational Therapists can also attend consultations, ensuring that the appropriate level of comfort, support and pressure relief is provided.

A number of bespoke seating solutions can be supplied depending on your requirements, including the highly-customisable J3 from the JAY range of backrests and cushions, and Invacare’s Modulite and Matrx seating systems. By sourcing backs and cushions from a wide range of manufacturers, we can always ensure that the best seating system is supplied to match your needs.

These consultations include the chance to try out a range of powered wheelchairs - however, for those new to powerchairs, or who are moving to a new model, we recommend trying one out in your daily life. For those reasons, we have a Try Before You Buy scheme that allows you to redeem up to four weeks of short term hire against the purchase or hire cost of a new powerchair. This short term hire product will be set up to match as closely as possible the configuration you are looking to purchase, and allows you to try out a similar product to ensure it meets your needs, before committing to a purchase or long-term hire.


Hire, Purchase and Motability

We offer a range of solutions for getting your ideal powerchair, including:

  • Purchase - own the powerchair of your choice outright from the start.
  • Motability - use your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment to lease an electric wheelchair.
  • Long-term Hire - worry free mobility, working similarly to the Motability scheme - an ideal option for those not eligible for Motability, or who already have a car on the scheme.
  • Short-term Hire - flexible hire periods, for people with a temporary need or who want to try out a powered wheelchair.


Our Service

As well as the above, we offer:

  • Specialist delivery and set up for all powerchairs, free if purchasing or long-term hiring. We believe it is crucial that powered wheelchairs be delivered and set up by a trained product specialist, who can assess your environment for suitability, adjust your wheelchair to fit, and train you on its use. This technician set-up and delivery is free if purchasing or hiring on a long-term basis.
  • Our own qualified technicians. Our team of industry-trained technicians carry out all our servicing, maintenance and repairs, either at your address or our fully-equipped London repair centre. We don't believe in passing after-sales care onto a third party.
  • Free of charge loan wheelchairs. Your powerchair is crucial to maintaining your independence, and this doesn't change when it is in for repair. We therefore provide a free of charge loan powerchair if you are hiring or purchased from us, to keep you mobile.
  • 3 months free insurance on all purchases. Insuring your powerchair gives you the peace of mind that you are covered should anything untoward happen. We provide 3 months of free insurance for all powered wheelchairs purchased from us, allowing you to get mobile straight away, safe in the knowledge that you are covered from the start.
  • Insurance included for all hires and Motability. When you hire from us, whether on a long or short-term basis, or through Motability, insurance is included as part of your hire at no additional cost.