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Specialist Seating

We are experts in specialist seating provision for those with complex clinical requirements. With access to a broad range of manufacturers, we offer impartial advice and have the flexibility to combine products from different suppliers, giving our customers access to the best postural solutions on the market.

Our Chessington showroom and assessment centre not only houses a huge selection of powered, active and tilt in space wheelchairs to try in person, but our private clinic room offers the perfect space for more in-depth postural examination and consultations.

Specialist Seating Assessments

A seating assessment with us will always start by identifying personal goals for mobility, posture and pressure care. A key part of this is an initial plinth assessment to establish musculoskeletal capabilities and restrictions. These may include a need for heightened pressure relief, accommodation or correction of asymmetry or perhaps even a focus on targeted support for greater limb function. Next, we use this information to tailor seating to an individual and their goals, rather than making the person fit the equipment.

For those unable to travel to us, we can also carry out seating assessments at your home address, across London and the South East of England.

How much is a seating assessment?

A seating assessment by one of our experienced Clinical Assessors carried out at our Chessington showroom costs £250.

A seating assessment at your address costs £500.

This fee covers the assessment itself and pressure mapping. Provision of a detailed written clinical report containing findings and recommendations is also available for an additional £250.

Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping is particularly useful for those at risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores, offering a visual aid for the specific location and intensity of increased pressure so often experienced by wheelchair users.

Over 250 pressure sensors are encased in a stretch fabric which is then placed on top of the cushion to be sat on. This generates a real-time image that resembles a "heat map" showing spectrums of high to low pressure, centre of gravity and the direction of shear forces. This information, where appropriate, can be used as an evidence-based component to our assessment process and to make comparisons between potential seating solutions. This often gives our clients that additional level of reassurance that their chosen solution is optimal for them and their individual requirements.

We are also able to offer advice on in-situ sensor systems for those who would like to have access to their map throughout the course of the day or monitor progress over a longer period of time.

Specialist Seating Products

The wide selection of products we offer range all the way from modular, through to semi bespoke and completely bespoke.

  • JAY – market leading supplier of cushions and backrests, with a comprehensive range including the versatile J3 back and ultra-light carbon variants ideal for active wheelchairs.

  • Matrx - Invacare's specialist cushion and backrest brand with a wide selection of solutions for powered and active chairs.

  • Comfort Company - owned by Permobil, suppliers of wheelchair cushions and backrests suitable for powerchairs and lightweight active wheelchairs.

  • Stealth - US-based manufacturer of a vast range of cushions, backrests and positioning components.

  • Axiom - Ki Mobility's seating division, manufacturing brightly coloured backrests and foam positioning cushions.

  • Vicair – unique, highly adjustable teabag air cushions that provide superior positioning and skin protection.

  • Roho - cushions and backrests manufactured with air cell technology that gives unrivalled skin and pressure protection.

  • Starlock - uses air cell technology for deep immersion and targeted pressure relief.

  • Whitmyer - manufacturers of specialist modular head supports.

  • Bodypoint - specialising in positioning components such as belts, harnesses and leg supports.

  • Dreamlign – manufacturers of innovative modular layered cushions and backrests in foam and gel that can be used to create semi bespoke asymmetrical support.

  • Spex - New-Zealand based manufacturer of flexible modular seating in the semi bespoke category with countless possibilities. Available in a range of bright colours to complement your wheelchair.

  • Consolor - British-based manufacturer of custom seating, including expertly carved foam and moulded seats. UK suppliers of Anatomic Sitt Dynamic seating and unique support headrests.

  • Supportech – Permobil manufactured custom seating with sleek carved foam and moulded seats.

Custom Seating Solutions

In the case that an off the shelf solution is not available, we are able to offer custom moulded seating. Custom moulded seating arguably offers the highest level of pressure relief available. By maximising contact with each contour of the body in contact with seating, peak pressures are universally lowered. However, custom moulds are not just useful for pressure care - they can be used to accommodate or support even the most complex postural presentations or as an aid to atypical muscle tone and spasticity.

After clearly outlining the requirements for postural support, our specialists use non-latex bean bags to take a fully immersive impression of the body. Once we are sure that we have a good shape and have built in all necessary areas of support, any remaining air is vacuumed out of the bags, fixing the mould in place.

Next, the latest scanning technology is used to capture a 3D model of the mould. Depending on the style of seat, this model is sent off to be precision carved or vacuum formed. We typically use a combination of foams and inserts for added comfort, pressure relief and in some cases, temperature regulation.

Custom seats have historically had a reputation for being chunky and clinical - but the modern custom and moulded seats we provide have a much neater appearance and are available in a choice of fabrics and colours, to ensure they enhance, rather than compromise, the style of your chair.

24 hour Postural Management

We know that the need for postural support is rarely limited to a wheelchair. To maximise postural protection and benefits the whole day through, we also offer

  • Healthcare chairs (modular foam, gel and air, or custom moulded).

  • Custom moulded lying/sleep supports.

  • Custom moulded hygiene systems.

Being able to offer equipment to support 24-hour postural management all under one roof allows us to give continuity to the end user, reduce the number of appointments required, and providing a more personal level of service.

Assessments by Occupational Therapists

We also work alongside OTs, most often when customers have an existing relationship with an Occupational Therapist such as through a Case Manager, where one is required for provision of equipment (for example, some care providers require an OT be part of the assessment process), and when an OT is involved in assessing the customer's wider domestic environment.

We can assist in matching a suitable Occupational Therapist to your requirements - please contact us to arrange this.

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