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Invacare Alber E-Fix E35/36 Power Wheels

Key Features:
  • Convert your manual chair to power
  • Fits to most wheelchairs
  • Ultra-light and transportable
  • Unlock extra features with the Mobility App
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The Alber E-Fix is the power add-on drive that lets you convert your manual wheelchair into an electric one, quickly and easily. With the simple addition of a lightweight Lithium battery, powerful yet discreet wheels with in-built motors, and an ergonomic LCD joystick, you can cover longer distances quickly and easily. Each part is easy to remove with no tools required, keeping your wheelchair extremely transportable, while also letting you switch between using your chair as a manual or powered one as you require.

The E-Fix E35/36 can be fitted to almost all current wheelchairs, or supplied alongside a new wheelchair of your choice. This includes Invacare's active Kuschall range as well as standard chairs such as the Action range, or even models from other manufacturers such as Quickie wheelchairs. With such a wide range of wheelchairs able to be retrofitted with the E-Fix system, it ensures you can continue to use a chair that has been optimally adjusted to suit you. Conversion is easy - we arrange installation of the brackets (which weigh just 700g), and then fit the drive wheels, battery pack and control unit. 

You can stay flexible with two wheelchairs in one - a powerchair with a good 10 mile range (extendable with the optional HD battery pack or spare battery), and a manual wheelchair that can be pushed or self-propelled as you prefer. The E-Fix power wheels can be set to self-propel, or it is easy to switch wheels to your regular non-powered ones instead. When driving, the ergonomically arranged controls can be adjusted to your preferred driving characteristics, whether gentle or sporty.

Transporting your wheelchair is a breeze with the E-Fix system, and no part weighs more than 7.8 kg. The drive wheels feature quick-lock release fasteners, and can be easily mounted or detached to save space. The slimline Lithium battery weighs a mere 2 kg and can even be folded up in the chair to make storage easier than ever. Everything finds space in the back of a car, and is quick and easy to reassemble when at your destination.

The standard E25 wheels have a weight capacity of up to 120 kg, while the HD E36 wheels can take 160 kg - an impressive 25 stone. A comprehensive range of accessories is available to make life easier for you, including a swing-away joystick to allow close access to tables and desks, and anti-tip wheels with jack-up function for the easiest mounting and removal of the E-Fix wheels.

The E-Fix Mobility App is available to further enhance your enjoyment of the E-Fix system, including route recording and enhanced information on the E-Fix system's status. Additional features can be unlocked via the app, including navigation on your joystick screen with wheelchair friendly routes, remote control of the E-Fix (not when occupied!) to bring your wheelchair to you, and an increase of the maximum speed up to 5 mph.

The Alber E-Fix E35 is available on the Motability scheme alongside an Invacare Action3 NG and the Mobility Plus package - offering an alternative way to get the E-Fix system without having to purchase outright. As with other powered wheelchairs on the scheme, you are covered by Motability's full "worry free" package, including insurance and breakdown cover. We have found that this is a popular alternative to the Esprit powerchair (which uses an older version of the E-Fix) with improved looks, lighter weight, and more functions.

Alber are considered the industry specialists in wheelchair add-ons, and their products are manufactured to the highest standards. The E-Fix E35/36 Power Wheels stand head and shoulders above their competitors, and are the go-to power add-on for converting a manual chair to a powered one.

Technical Specs
Weight 18.9 kg (3 st)
Weight capacity 120 or 160 kg (18.9 or 25.2 st)
Speed 4 or 5 mph (6 or 8 kmph)
Range 10 or 12.4 miles (16 or 20 km)

If you require further information on the E-Fix E35/36, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the E-Fix and the options available. We can also arrange for a free home consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration from a product specialist.

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