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Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter

Key Features:
  • Exceptional Zero Turn manoeuvrability
  • Comfort-Trac suspension
  • USB charging port
  • Car transportable
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Pride Mobility's Jazzy Zero Turn is a revolutionary boot scooter with unique dual-motor technology giving it an exceptional turning circle and enhanced traction. A stylish scooter, it features modern touches such as full suspension, LED lighting and a USB charging port, as well as under-seat storage, making it the most impressive compact scooter available.

The patent-pending Zero Turn technology gives the scooter the turning radius of a 3-wheel scooter with the stability and performance of a 4-wheel one - the best of both words. A turning radius of just 28 inches (97 cm) means the Zero Turn is much more manoeuvrable than equivalent scooters - particularly useful indoors, such as when navigating shops, or even your home. For those that need a mobility aid to get around inside a care home, but struggle to get on with the controls of a powerchair, the Zero-Turn is an excellent option, able to navigate tight turns and corners with ease.

The dual motors - unique to a scooter - mean the Zero Turn also has added traction; ideal when navigating rougher terrain outdoors. This combines well with the Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension that many will recognise from the Apex Rapid, which provides a smooth ride. Higher-capacity 21 Ah batteries give the Zero Turn more power over a longer range than the small 12 or 18 Ah batteries found on most boot scooters.

Further advanced technology on the Zero Turn includes a USB port on the tiller, allowing you to charge your smartphone, tablet or satnav on-the-go. LED lights at front and back keep you visible whilst using minimal power. The charging port in the tiller allows easy access when charging, while the battery box can still be removed should you wish to charge it separate from the scooter, for example if storing the scooter in a car.

As a boot scooter, the Zero Turn can be easily dismantled into five pieces for transport in a car. It is slightly heavier than a regular boot scooter due to the dual motors and larger batteries, meaning the heaviest piece is 21.7 kg (3.4 stone). The scooter is also longer than most boot scooters at 45.7 in (116 cm), which means that it will not be able to use the wheelchair space on most buses.

Not skimping on looks, the Jazzy Zero Turn has a contemporary rim design, complemented by the modern appearance and choice of five shroud colours: Fire Opal, Onyx Black, Pearl White, Pewter, and Sapphire Blue. Other touches include unique under-seat storage and a front basket, as well as a delta tiller with wraparound handlebars that are easy to grip and drive with either left or right hand.

Overall, Pride's Jazzy Zero Turn is a truly revolutionary scooter ideal for those that need a compact yet comfortable scooter that has exceptional manoeuvrability - for example when going shopping, or getting around a care home.

The Jazzy Zero Turn is available immediately for purchase and long-term hire, and is also available on the Motability scheme.

Technical Specs
Width 20 in (50.8 cm)
Length 46 in (116 cm)
Weight 10.8 st (69 kg)
Weight of heaviest part 3.4 st (21.7 kg)
Seat width 17 in (43 cm)
Seating Rotating, foldable
Weight capacity 21.4 st (136 kg)
Suspension Front and rear
Ground clearance 1.3 in (3 cm)
Speed 4 mph (6 kmph)
Battery size 2 x 12 V (21 Ah)
Turning radius 38 in (97 cm)
Front wheel size 7 in (18 cm)
Rear wheel size 9 in (23 cm)

If you require further information on the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the scooter, and also on the hire and purchase options available. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration.

All of our mobility scooters come with free delivery and set-up by one of our experienced product specialists when purchased or hired on a long-term basis or leased through the Motability scheme, to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and adjusted as necessary to your comfort. For short-term hire customers, there is a small charge for technician delivery.

We offer three months' free insurance with all scooters purchased from us. The cover is provided by market-leading mobility insurer Fish Insurance, and lets you get mobile straight away, knowing that you are safely covered.

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