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Pride Revo 2.0 Mobility Scooter

Key Features:
  • Comfort-Trac suspension
  • Dismantles for transport
  • High weight capacity
  • Underseat storage
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Pride's Revo 2.0 is a hybrid mobility scooter, able to be dismantled for transport in a vehicle, yet boasting the comfort and performance of a medium sized pavement scooter.

While boot scooters are known for providing a fairly basic ride, the Revo 2.0 offers much better comfort - with Comfort-Trac suspension and large 9 inch pneumatic tyres smoothing out the ride. Pride's ultra heavy-duty drivetrain features a 70 amp controller to give more power - ideal for ramps, slopes and even dropped kerbs that smaller scooters traditionally struggle with.

The Revo 2.0 can be dismantled in the same way as a regular boot scooter - into 6 different pieces, with the two batteries as separate pieces. However, the heavier weight of the scooter (the back section weighs 26 kg) means that it realistically requires two able-bodied people to lift - making it better suited for those only occasionally transporting it in a car. Alternatively, it is the ideal scooter to use with a hoist, and also features easily accessible tie-down points for safely securing in a car.

The Revo 2.0 features Pride's unique under-seat storage, which combined with the large front basket, makes the Revo 2.0 the ideal companion for shopping trips. While smaller boot scooters can fit onto buses, the Revo 2.0 is too large for the wheelchair space, so cannot be used on buses. The range from the 35 Ah batteries is a decent 13 miles - not as long as on most medium sized scooters, but much longer than the average boot scooter. The batteries can be charged both on and off board, giving you flexibility for your charging, and even allowing you to leave the Revo 2.0 in a car and charge the batteries indoors.

The delta tiller features ergonomic grips, and can be easily adjusted to allow comfortable use of the scooter. Lights at both front and rear keep you visible if driving at night. The Revo 2.0 has a surprisingly high weight capacity of 26.5 stone - however, our experience suggests that people above 20 stone are generally better off in a larger scooter, to get the best performance and comfort, particularly as the Revo has a relatively small seat.

A modern scooter, the Revo 2.0 comes in your choice of "grey street" or "true blue" (our preferred colour), and features stylish solid alloy-style wheels with black non-marking tyres. As USB charging port conveniently keeps your mobile topped up as you drive.

The Revo is comparable to TGA's Zest Plus, being a larger scooter that can still be dismantled for occasional transport. It is also a viable alternative to standard 4 mph mid-sized scooters such as the Invacare Leo - with improved comfort due to the suspension, although it lacks the solidity and range of the popular Leo. Overall, the Revo is suited to people who want a more comfortable scooter for short journeys and shopping trips, and who will occasionally be transporting it in a vehicle or using a hoist. It is available now for purchase and long-term hire, as well as on the Motability scheme.

Technical Specs
Width 21 in (53 cm)
Length 47 in (119 cm)
Weight 11.3 st (71.5 kg)
Weight of heaviest part 4 st (25.9 kg)
Seating Rotating, foldable
Weight capacity 26.7 st (170 kg)
Speed 4 mph (6 kmph)
Battery size 2 x 12 V (35 Ah)
Turning radius 52 in (132 cm)
Wheel size 9 in (23 cm)
Range 13 miles (21 km)

If you require further information on the Revo 2.0, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the scooter, and also on the hire and purchase options available. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration.

All of our mobility scooters come with free delivery and set-up by one of our experienced product specialists when purchased or hired on a long-term basis or leased through the Motability scheme, to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and adjusted as necessary to your comfort. For short-term hire customers, there is a small charge for technician delivery.

We offer three months' free insurance with all scooters purchased from us. The cover is provided by market-leading mobility insurer Fish Insurance, and lets you get mobile straight away, knowing that you are safely covered.

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