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Sunrise Medical Breezy Ibis Tilt in Space Wheelchair

Key Features:
  • Tilts and reclines
  • Power-assisted version available
  • Configurable Sedeo Pro seating
  • Clean, modern styling
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The Breezy Ibis offers an alternative to our standard Tilt in Space wheelchair, with a much more "consumer friendly" appearance than the clinical look of the Invacare Rea Azalea. Despite its sleeker looks, the Ibis retains all the features and seating options of the Rea Azalea, including tilt and recline - ideal for those spending much of the day in their wheelchair. The award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system can be set up to provide a precise fit for outstanding comfort, support and pressure relief, and the versatile Breezy Ibis can be supplied as either a manual chair, with power-assist, or as a fully attendant-controlled powerchair.

Completely modular, the base is combined with the Sedeo Pro seating system to enable the Ibis to be one of the most adjustable wheelchairs in its class. It can cater to a wide range of user needs, from those simply requiring a much more comfortable wheelchair or postural support for lengthy use, for example care home residents who have had strokes or who have dementia, to those with conditions such as MND, CVA and Muscular Dystrophy that may have more clinical requirements. Our product specialists will assess your requirements to advise on the best configuration to suit your needs, and will provide a wheelchair that has a perfect fit and whose modular nature allows it to accommodate developing requirements.

The Ibis comes with 30° of tilt as standard, ideal for relieving pressure - particularly for those spending longer times in the wheelchair, and who are unable to independently shift their weight. 30° of backrest recline then allows you to lie back and relax, and you can raise your legs with either separate elevating swing away legrests or the centre-mount elevating legrest. The latter is an option either not found on other models of tilt in space wheelchair, or only as an expensive upgrade such as with the Azalea. The central legrest allows for more foot movement, makes the Ibis more manoeuvrable, and can be provided with additional lateral leg supports if required. The reclined position is popular for those that want to sleep in the wheelchair, as you are in a more laid-back and less upright position.

The stylish Sedeo Pro seating system will be familiar with powerchair users, as it also features on the market-leading Quickie Q-series range. Superior in adjustability, comfort and support, our pick is the Extra Deep contour backrest with flexible sides that can "hug" the wheelchair user in place - this really has to be tried out to be truly appreciated. These thoracic supports can be easily positioned symmetrically for mid-line seating, or asymmetrically to support those with preferred angles or scoliosis. The tension adjustable straps can then accommodate kyphosis or other spinal irregularities, to ensure the optimum postural management position is always achieved. A whole range of other seating options are available, from backrests to pressure cushions, alternate legrests, armrests, headrests and further positioning components. Alternatively the Ibis can be provided with third-party seating systems, for those who have an existing seating system they wish to port across, or those with the most complex clinical needs.

Transfers into and out of the Ibis are made easy by its modularity. For those forward transferring, the swing-away legrests provide clear space at the front, and negative (forward) tilt is available. If side transferring, the range of armrest options ensure this is simple to do. The low seat heights available further assist with this (as well as helping with access under desks and tables), and tilt helps to achieve the best seating position when hoisting into the chair.

As standard, the Ibis is available as a manual wheelchair with either transit wheels to be pushed (or foot propelled with the low seat height) or with larger rear wheels for self-propelling. A Power Support version effectively has a powerpack built discreetly into the Ibis, which provides assistance with pushing, and the Powerdrive version is essentially a powered wheelchair with attendant controls. These two powered versions provide a much neater solution than fitting a separate powerpack to the wheelchair, and gives you the freedom to move together - particularly ideal when the carer is older or might struggle to push the wheelchair long distances. All three variants are fully crash-tested, allowing them to be used for occupied transport when strapped down in a wheelchair adapted vehicle.

The Breezy Ibis is a premium Tilt in Space wheelchair, and we think it's a highly impressive one. It offers great seating versatility, with options such as the central legrest and extra-deep contour backrest with flexible sides, that aren't found on more standard models. It's also a far better looking wheelchair than models such as the Rea Azalea, with a high finishing of components and a clear design ethos, giving it a clean, modern appearance. The powered options, while a significant increase in cost, offer a neat solution to those who would struggle to push a tilt in space wheelchair, allowing you to retain your freedom.

Technical Specs
Weight From 6.3 st (40 kg)
Weight capacity 25.2 st (160 kg)
Seat width 15.7 - 21.3 in (40 - 54 cm)
Seat depth 16.9 - 23.6 in (44 - 60 cm)
Seat height (excl. cushion) 12.6 - 18.5 in (32 - 47 cm)
Backrest recline 0° to 30°
Seat tilt 0° to 30°
Armrest Removable or Flip-up
Footrest Elevating centre-mount or swing-away removable
Overall width 24.6 - 29 in (62.5 - 74 cm)

As a Sunrise Medical Elite Dealer, Wheelfreedom are specialists in their range of manual wheelchairs. If you require further information on the Breezy Ibis, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the wheelchair and the options available. We can also arrange for a home consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration and assessment from a product specialist.

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