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Sunrise Medical Quickie Xenon2 Folding Wheelchair

Key Features:
  • Lightest folding wheelchair in its class
  • 3 frame variants
  • Hydroformed aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Sophisticated elegance
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The lightest folding wheelchair in its class, the Xenon2 is a high-end folding aluminium wheelchair with a starting weight of just 8.8 kg. Manufactured with hydroformed aircraft grade 7000 series aluminium, it is ultra-light yet extremely strong, and provides you with the maximum speed and efficiency with each push. Available in three frame versions - a fixed-front frame, swing-away legrests or the extra-durable hybrid frame, your Quickie Xenon2 will be custom-built to your exact requirements.

The three frame versions offer different advantages:

  • Fixed-front frame: the lightest aluminium folding wheelchair in the world, starting at just 8.8 kg. Being ultra-light and energy efficient, the Xenon2 FF offers the best driving dynamics, as well as a streamlined more sporty appearance.
  • Hybrid frame: starting at 9.5 kg, the Xenon2 Hybrid features a reinforced frame for a higher 140 kg weight capacity. This is the strongest variant of the Xenon with no compromise on rigidity, and is the best for handbike attachments, such as the Quickie Attitude.
  • Swing-away legrests: the Xenon2 SA is the best for standing transfers as the legrests can swing out of the way, and is also the most compact when folded as the legrests can be removed. A little heavier than the others at 10.3 kg, the SA version is the best all-rounder.

All three versions of the Xenon2 are extremely light, and feature premium frame materials with heat-treated 7000 series aircraft grade aluminium to allow the tube walls to be thinner. Oval-shaped tubing allows for further weight savings, while innovative ShapeLoc Technology has been used to hydroform the entire frame - unique to the Xenon2 and Helium, resulting in a lighter and stronger folding wheelchair than you will find from anyone else, giving you more speed and efficiency with each push. This is complemented with the selection of lightweight high-tech options such as carbon-fibre sideguards and carbotecture castor forks to further minimise the weight of your Xenon.

The easy folding mechanism and light weight of the Xenon2 gives you outstanding portability, and the aluminium latches on the cross-brace keep the wheels in parallel when folding so that it remains stable no matter the situation. This is complemented by the option of a fold-down backrest to further save space, while the FF version can be supplied with an auto-folding footboard. The unique cross-brace fits so neatly under the seat that it is barely noticeable, giving the Xenon a minimalistic open-frame feel more normally associated with rigid wheelchairs.

Your Xenon2 will be built to order to precisely fit your needs - this includes a range of seating options, which can be set up exactly to your size, and clinical options such as pressure cushions and J3 posture-supporting backrests are available. While the Xenon doesn't feature the range of post-build adjustability that beginners' chairs like the Life F offer, it still retains a good degree of adjustability to allow fine-tuning. This includes the centre of gravity, which can be changed in increments between a stable passive position and an aggressive, active set-up, and other adjustments such as the backrest angle and rear seat height. 

Sophisticated and elegant, the Xenon2 is a cool, clean wheelchair that can be customised to your style. The clean, monochrome look (pictured) is a popular choice, but with a choice of 32 frame colours and several accent colours, your Xenon can be sporty, funky or indeed anything from "Dark Chocolate Metallic" to "Flamingo Glitter".

If you are after an ultra-light folding wheelchair with no compromise on performance, the Xenon2 is the chair to go for, and only the carbon fibre Krypton F is lighter, at a significantly higher price - although the Kuschall Champion is worth considering, as it is available in a choice of aluminium, titanium and carbon, and has a unique folding mechanism that removes the cross-brace, giving it a truly rigid ride. The Xenon2 sits above the Neon2 in the Quickie range, being lighter and more energy efficient, and is the ideal choice for experienced wheelchair users who want the ultimate aluminium folding wheelchair. The three frame options makes it a versatile choice that can be built to precisely match your needs, and its sturdy build ensures it will last.

Technical Specs
Frame type Folding
Frame material Aluminium
Weight from 8.8 kg (1.4 st)
Weight capacity 110 - 140 kg (17 - 22 st) depending on variant
Crash tested Yes
Seat width 32 - 50 cm (13 - 20 in)
Seat depth 34 - 50 cm (13.5 - 20 in)
Front seat height 43 - 56 cm (17 - 22 in)
Rear seat height 37 - 50 cm (14.5 - 19.5 in)
Backrest height 25 - 47.5 cm (10 - 18.5 in)
Frame angle 80° / 88° (fixed frame or hybrid) or 70° / 80° (swing-away)

As a Sunrise Medical Elite Dealer, Wheelfreedom are specialists in the Quickie lightweight wheelchair range. If you require further information on the Xenon2, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the wheelchair and the options available. We can also arrange for a free home consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration from a Quickie Professional.

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