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TGA WHILL Model C Powerchair

Key Features:
  • Japanese designed
  • Unique style
  • Omni wheels
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
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3 Years

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The WHILL Model C challenges the conventions of today's powered wheelchairs, bringing a fresh perspective with an innovative design and state of the art technology. Unique features include the revolutionary omni wheel system for unrivalled manoeuvrability, ultra-light Lithium Ion batteries for easy transportability, plus of course the unprecedented stylish design.

Japanese designed, the WHILL range was conceived when a friend of the company's founder felt uncomfortable with the negative attention he received when using his wheelchair outside. The team behind WHILL resolved to create a device that would empower this friend, enabling him to be himself and do what he wanted to with confidence and enthusiasm. Designed entirely anew from the ground up, the WHILL range didn't come burdened with any of the preconceptions of existing wheelchairs, resulting in its unique and multi-award winning design. The Model C is the latest addition to the WHILL range, and is the most accessible and transportable model yet.

Whether you're driving around town or manoeuvring indoors in tight spaces, the WHILL is equally capable, making every ride a hassle free and safe experience. The short wheelbase and narrow frame combine with the unique omni wheel system to let the WHILL C turn within an extremely tight radius - giving you unrivalled control and agility. The omni wheels have 24 independent rollers allowing them to move seamlessly in any direction, while also making unwieldy swivelling casters a thing of the past. Outside, the WHILL can comfortably overcome obstacles up to 2 inches, and has superb stability and durability - plus a top speed of 4 mph and range of up to 10 miles on a single charge.

Your WHILL Model C can be dismantled into 3 easy to lift components that will fit comfortably into the boot of a car, and the lightweight Lithium batteries are a breeze to lift. This gives you the freedom to take your WHILL C anywhere.

The stunning design of the WHILL offers a unique styling not found anywhere else on the market, and its futuristic and "non-clinical" appearance is a big part of its appeal. This extends to the control system, designed to be both intuitive and responsive, and which is quite unlike the traditional "joystick bolted to the end of an armrest" approach seen elsewhere. This has been recognised by the WHILL C receiving the Red Dot "Best of the Best 2018" Award for its design.

The WHILL Model C is in a category all by itself, and will appeal to those after a stylish and versatile ride that doesn't have the looks of a traditional wheelchair. A choice of two seat widths - 16 and 18 inches are available to allow a good fit to your size, although it must be noted that the seating cannot cater to those with complex requirements. Given how unique it is, we would highly recommend trying the WHILL out to see the difference it can make to your life.

Technical Specs
Width 21.5 or 23.5 in (55 or 60 cm)
Length 39 in (100 cm)
Weight 8 st (52 kg)
Drive Rear wheel
Seat width 16 or 18 in (40 or 46 cm)
Weight capacity 18 st (113 kg)
Ground clearance 2.4 in (6 cm)
Speed 4 mph (6 kmph)
Range 10 miles (16 km)
Transit approved No

If you require further information on the WHILL Model C, or wish to place an order, please call us on 0800 0258 005. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on the wheelchair, and also on the hire and purchase options available. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration.

All of our powered wheelchairs come with free delivery and set-up by one of our experienced product specialists when purchased or hired on a long-term basis or leased through the Motability scheme, to ensure they are suitable for your needs, and adjusted as necessary to your comfort. For short-term hire customers, there is a small charge for technician delivery.

We offer three months' free insurance with all powerchairs purchased from us. The cover is provided by market-leading mobility insurer Fish Insurance, and lets you get mobile straight away, knowing that you are safely covered.

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