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Bariatric Wheelchair Hire

Thu Oct 31 2019

We offer a range of bariatric wheelchairs that are kept in stock and available for hire immediately. This includes manual wheelchairs that can be folded for car transport, advanced tilt in space models, and heavy duty powered wheelchairs with a 240 kg weight capacity.

Heavy User Wheelchair – a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium wheelchair that can take people up to 26 stone, and with a wide 22 inch seat. Also available with elevating leg rests for those recovering from injury.

Bariatric Wheelchair – made from steel to accommodate weights of up to 50 stone, this has the highest weight capacity of any product we offer. The large 26 inch wide seat provides a comfortable fit, although the wheelchair may not fit through smaller doorways due to its large overall width. This is also available with elevating leg rests.

Bariatric Tilt in Space Wheelchair – the Rea Azalea Max, designed for people who need to spend longer amounts of time in a wheelchair, often in a care home environment. Able to tilt and recline, it features elevating leg rests as standard, and is comfortably cushioned for lengthy use. It has a weight capacity of 28 stones, and the seat width can be set for a perfect fit between 22 – 26 inches.

Jive F XL Powerchair – a heavy duty powered wheelchair capable of being used both indoors and out, this has a super-wide 28 inch seat and 37.7 stone weight capacity. Front-wheel drive ensures manoeuvrability, and the range is an impressive 18 miles.

To place your order for a bariatric wheelchair, call our product specialists on 0800 025 8005 or enquire via our Facebook page or Twitter @Wheelfreedom .