Bariatric Tilt in Space Wheelchair Hire

Our Bariatric Tilt in Space wheelchair is designed to accommodate heavier and wider people who need to spend long periods of time in a wheelchair. It has an enhanced weight capacity of 28 stone, and can be supplied in seat widths of 22 - 26 inches. The Rea Azalea Max wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to aid in pressure distribution and comfort, while the cushioning ensures that the chair is comfortable to use for lengthy periods of time and that it adequately supports the posture of the person using it.

Product Description

This wheelchair is commonly hired for people in rehabilitation units and care homes, for patients who have had strokes, brain injuries or have dementia, or who are undergoing palliative care. It is designed to accommodate people who need to spend much of the day in a wheelchair, and who have limited ability to adjust their position, and many users of tilt in space wheelchairs will sleep in them during the day.

The Invacare Rea Azalea Max is the Bariatric Tilt in Space wheelchair we provide, which features a weight capacity of 28 stone, allowing it to take much heavier patients than our standard Tilt in Space wheelchair. The Rea Azalea range is the one most commonly used across the NHS within the UK, and so is the model that healthcare and care home staff will be most familiar with it. The seat width can be adjusted between 22 - 26 inches - this allows it to provide a perfect fit for the person using it, optimising their comfort and support. Other adjustments can be made, including seat depth, headrest positioning, leg rest length and angle, and several more. Our specialists will make these adjustments when delivering the chair, to ensure it fits the person who is using it.

The Bariatric Tilt in Space wheelchair can be reclined from 0° - 30°, and the seat can be tilted back to 25° - these assist with both comfort, posture and pressure, as well as helping with transfer into and out of the wheelchair. The elevating leg rests are fully adjustable, allowing them to be set up exactly to the needs of the wheelchair user. The footplate comes with a removable mid-section to further assist with transfers.

Additional support can be provided by two lateral supports (not pictured), which are positioned on either side of the seat just below shoulder height. A three-wing adjustable headrest comes as standard, which provides support to both the back and sides of the head.

For those needing more advanced pressure care, the standard seat cushion can be easily removed, allowing a pressure cushion to be fitted instead. We offer a large selection of clinical pressure cushions for purchase, including the market-leading Jay and Matrx ranges, for purchase.

The chair comes with transit wheels, and is designed to be pushed and operated by an attendant. The Rea Azalea Max is fully crash tested, making it suitable for occupied transportation in a suitably adapted vehicle.

Key Features

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    28 stone weight capacity
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    Extra-wide 22 - 26 inch seat
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    Tilts and reclines
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    Comfortable for extended use

Hire Service

We offer a flexible hire service that is ideal for those who are not sure how long they will need a Tilt in Space wheelchair for, or who are waiting for one to be provided by the NHS. The minimum hire period is just two weeks, and payment is then taken on a fortnightly rolling basis until you return your equipment.

While hiring from us, your wheelchair is covered by our inclusive repair or replace service: if you experience a problem, our trained technicians will come out to either repair the wheelchair on-site, or replace it with another. Our Tilt in Space wheelchairs are also fully insured within the UK. Please note that they are not insured to be taken outside the UK - while you can do so, you would need to ensure that you have obtained suitable insurance to cover for any damage or loss incurred.

Product Specification

Weight54kg / 8st 7lb
Crash TestedYes
Wheelchair TypeTilt In Space Wheelchair
Max Seat Depth60cm / 23.62in
Max Seat Width66cm / 25.98in
Min Seat Depth53cm / 20.87in
Min Seat Width55cm / 21.65in
Max Seat Height45cm / 17.72in
Min Seat Height45cm / 17.72in
Weight Capacity180kg / 28st 5lb
Max Overall Width87cm / 34.25in
Min Overall Width77cm / 30.31in
Max Overall Length112cm / 44.09in
Min Overall Length105cm / 41.34in
Max Backrest Height58cm / 22.83in
Min Backrest Height55cm / 21.65in


Weeks 1-12Weeks 13-52After Week 52
£100 (ex VAT)
£120 (inc VAT)
£65 (ex VAT)
£78 (inc VAT)
£65 (ex VAT)
£78 (inc VAT)
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