Lady in wheelchair outside with benoit systemes light drive add-on attached.

Introducing the new Benoit Systemes Light Drive power add-on for wheelchairs

Tue Oct 18 2022

We are extremely pleased to announce our latest product launch- Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 power add-on for wheelchairs. This power add-on is a unique and practical mobility solution for those who wish to go further and faster, tackling almost every terrain possible.

Why Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 is a best selling power add-on

The Light Drive 2.1 by Benoit Systemes is a best selling product that has already been a massive hit with our customers. In a matter of seconds, you can convert your wheelchair to a powerchair. It is extremely versatile with a very discrete design, meaning your wheelchair can remain stylish and practical all at the same time.

Here's what we have noted as the best features of the Light Drive power add-on:

  • Tackles most terrain

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Can be attached to most wheelchairs

  • Set up takes less than fifteen seconds

  • Lightweight and transportable weighing just 8.8kg

  • It is flight approved

  • It can be charged directly from the joy stick or you can remove the battery to charge if you require more space

  • User operated and drives easily through a joy stick

How to set up the Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

Setting up the Light Drive and attaching it to your wheelchair is a very easy process and takes under fifteen seconds for most users.

Simply place the power add-on on the wheelchair and pull the levers into place to secure it. Then position the joystick, slide the battery in at the bottom and add the anti tip. It really is as easy as three steps!

Watch the video below which gives a clear demonstration on how to attach the Light Drive power add-on to your wheelchair.

Variations of the Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

Whether you are a junior wheelchair user or a heavier user looking for extra speed and power, there are different variations, dependent on your individual needs.

At Wheelfreedom, we are pleased to sell all four of Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1 and these include the standard Light Drive, the Mini version, Plus version and Assisted version. You can explore these products further by clicking the products below.

Benoit Systemes Light Drive 2.1

Benoit Systemes Light Drive Mini 2.1

Benoit Systemes Light Drive Plus 2.1

Benoit Systemes Light Assist 2.1

Book your demo of the Light Drive 2.1

If you would like to try Benoit Systemes Light Drive power add-on, you can do so at out flagship showroom in Chessington. Here, you can speak with a product specialist who will be only too happy to help you find the best product for your individual needs.

Simply give us a call on 0800 025 8005 to book your visit.

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