An Online Guide to Paediatric Mobility Equipment for Children

Mon Mar 28 2022

Choosing mobility equipment for your child can often feel like a difficult and daunting task. With technological advances making there way through the mobility industry, there is a broad range of equipment available on the market to support your child during their key physical development stages. Some products include rollators, buggies, powerchairs and wheelchairs. However, each child’s individual needs differ which is why it is important to seek expert advice.

At Wheelfreedom, we have been providing mobility solutions for children for over 15 years. None of our staff work on commission and with a huge range of brands, our Paediatric Product Specialists can offer impartial advice to help you find the right mobility product for your child.

This online guide aims to tell you about some of the best paediatric mobility equipment on the market for Children, whilst informing you of the basic things to look out for. Should you require further advice, simply give us a call to discuss your child’s needs.

Functionality, postural support, and design of children’s mobility equipment

The functionality of a child’s mobility device is a very important deciding factor. Every child we assess is completely different and we realise that most children will need a product that will allow room for growth. Whilst there are some ‘standard sized’ wheelchairs, powerchairs and buggies, more bespoke products are available to ensure longevity and quality. Therefore, adaptation and adjustability are very important. It will also mean you are getting value for money.

The design is also something to consider. Most parents or caregivers will seek something practical, to fit in with the child’s surroundings. For instance, if a child likes to go on adventures and travel about a lot, you may wish to consider a folding mobility product. Push handles are a popular feature and many of the products are height adjustable.

Whilst mobility aids will support your child’s physical development, it is equally as important that they are able to feel involved in social situations and are able to explore their surroundings. Colourful and unique designs that are easy to use are just important as the functionality of the product.

The seating you chose to go with any paediatric wheelchair or powerchair is vital. Specialist seating can support those with postural or complex needs and is essential for physical development. Correct seating for your child will also prevent pressure sores or ulcers, especially if they use their chair for long periods of times.

Different types of Mobility products for children

At Wheelfreedom we provide wheelchairs, powerchairs, and buggies for children – all of which are available to try out at our showroom. Permobil, Ki Mobility, Sunrise Medical Zippie, Invacare, Quantum Rehab.

Wheelchairs for Children

Our range of wheelchairs come in smaller sizes to fit your child comfortably. Fully customisable and built to order, many of our manual wheelchairs are adjustable to make room for growth.

Paediatric Powerchairs for children

Our compact paediatric powerchairs are easy and safe to use for young children and come with custom seating to support growth spurts. These powerchairs come in a broad range of colours and design, allowing your child to explore in style and comfort.

Specialist Buggies and Pushchairs for children

We also stock buggies and pushchairs for children that are far more adjustable with specialist seating.

Below, we have a broad range of paediatric mobility products to give you an idea of the possibilities. Click one of the buttons below to explore the range.

Ki Mobility Little Wave XP

Ki's Little Wave XP offers a great range of features and growth at a surprisingly affordable price.

Permobil Explorer Mini

Mobility device for young children
Permobil's Explorer Mini is a unique powered mobility device aimed at young children aged 12 to 36 months.

Zippie Voyage

Zippie Voyage is a light weight and easy to use pushchair/ stroller with specialist seating.

Kama Leon F Kameleon

Karma's Leon F Kameleon is a paediatric powerchair aimed at children, aged 3 -12.

Speak with a Paediatric Product Specialist

If you are looking for mobility solutions for a young child or teenager, speak with a Paediatric Product Specialist today. Simply give us a call, and we will discuss your needs, offering impartial and knowledgeable advice. You may also book your visit to our flagship showroom in Chessington to physically explore a broad range of products, including the ones listed in this blog.

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