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Standing Wheelchairs

Standing powered wheelchairs offer a wide range of health, social and practical benefits. We offer a small range of standing powered wheelchairs for hire and purchase.

Benefits Of Standing

Standing is associated with a number of health benefits, as detailed below:

  • Enhanced pressure relief, particularly for those with limited ability to shift their weight independently, or who have to sit for long periods of time.
  • Improved function and reach, increasing the ability to interact with your environment.
  • Lessened risk of contractures, as a result of an improved range of motion.
  • Vital organ capacity supported, including bowel and bladder function, as well as improved circulation.
  • Deeper respiration, through decreasing the pressure of the abdominal cavity on the lungs. This can also help reduce the risk of pneumonia.
  • Bone health promoted, reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis and skeletal deformities, by facilitating a natural spinal position.
  • Reduction in muscular atrophy and spasticity, the latter supporting a more peaceful sleep.

However, the benefits are not limited to just health ones, and people use standing wheelchairs for a whole range of reasons. The additional function and reach having practical uses too, while being at eye level enhances social interactions.


Standing Wheelchairs

Standing functions on wheelchairs are advanced pieces of engineering, and thus standing powered wheelchairs are not cheap, usually starting at close to £20,000. However, unlike other configurable powerchairs, they tend to be relatively "fully loaded" with extras, including tilt, recline, powerful motors, large batteries, and advanced seating. This means that for most people they will rarely cost much about the base price - unlike other configurable powerchairs where you can end up spending an extra £5,000 or more above the base price on options alone.


Our Standing Powerchairs

We currently offer two models of standing powerchair:

The Quickie Q700-Up was released in late 2018, with two versions available - the Q700-Up M with mid-wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive Q700-Up F. The Q700-Up builds on the success of the market-leading Q700 drive bases. With powerful 4-pole motors, an 8 mph top speed and Spider-Trac suspension on the Q700-Up M, they excel outside, whilst being extremely manoeuvrable indoors.

The advanced R-Net controller allows you to move to five pre-defined positions at the touch of a button. These positions include Stand-Up - with all the associated benefits of standing, Transfer - for easy transfer into and out of the seat, Relax - with recline, tilt and legs elevated, Lie-Down - a horizontal lying down position, and Sitting - the standard drive position. Each of these can be adjusted to your own particular needs, allowing the Q700-Up to change with you.

The full Sedeo and JAY range of cushions and backrests can be fitted to the Q700-Up, making it the ideal standing wheelchair for those with advanced postural or clinical seating needs.

Starting at £18,995 to purchase, or £135 per week on a three year hire, the Q700-Up is the wheelchair to go for if you are looking for a standing powerchair that can be used both indoors and out, and which has advanced seating options.

The Q700-Up is available for both purchase and long term hire agreements of one or three years. We are able to offer specialist demonstrations, should you wish to see the benefits of standing for yourself. For further information, please contact us to speak to one of our product specialists.