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Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

Tilt in Space Wheelchairs, or comfort wheelchairs, are advanced manual wheelchairs designed for people who have to spend extended periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may not be able to support themselves. They come with anatomical cushions, elevating leg rests and the ability to tilt and recline the wheelchair, allowing the user to lie back. We are also able to provide advanced positioning supports and tray tables for tilt in space wheelchairs when required.

Hire Service

We offer our three main models of Tilt in Space manual wheelchair for hire (the Rea Azalea range) within London and the South East of England. Payment is taken two weekly on a rolling basis, with the price reducing after 12 weeks. This offers an ideal solution for those who are not sure how long they will need a Tilt in Space wheelchair for, or who are waiting for one to be provided by the NHS.

While hiring from us, the wheelchairs are covered by our repair or replace service: if you experience a problem, our trained technicians will come out to either repair the wheelchair on-site, or replace it with another. While hired, Tilt in Space wheelchairs are also fully insured within the UK. Please note that they are not insured to be taken outside the UK - while you can do so, you would need to ensure that you have obtained suitable insurance to cover for any damage or loss incurred.



We also offer all of our Tilt in Space manual wheelchairs for purchase - this allows you to own the chair outright, and can work out as cheaper if the need is long term. It also allows us to provide a wider range of options than are found on our hire chairs, as well as other models.

As these are prescriptive wheelchairs that are built to order, we will need to carry out an assessment first, to ensure the chair is provided in the right size and with the right seating options. We can arrange for one of our product specialists to come out to your residence with a Tilt in Space wheelchair to carry out this consultation. For those with more advanced pressure care or postural needs, we have an Occupational Therapist assessment service available with our wheelchair-seating specialist OT.

While Tilt in Space wheelchairs can take a couple of weeks to build, it is possible to hire from us in the meantime, to ensure that you always have a wheelchair available.


Our Wheelchairs

Tilt in Space wheelchairs are designed for people who need to spend longer periods of time in a wheelchair, and therefore need higher levels of comfort and support. They are often hired for people in care homes, who may have had a stroke or suffer from dementia, though they can cater for a much wider range of medical conditions.

We supply three models of Tilt in Space wheelchairs from Invacare's leading Rea Azalea range - the market-leading range of Tilt in Space wheelchairs that care home and healthcare staff will be most familiar with. All of them feature anatomical cushioning, elevating leg rests, and the ability to tilt and recline. Headrests are fitted to all models, while optional postural support including lateral supports and pommels are also available if required. Slide-on tray tables can be fitted if needed, allowing the wheelchair user to eat meals in the wheelchair.

The tilt and recline functions will need to be operated by an attendant, and can be locked in place, should the wheelchair user wish to lie back. This allows them to sleep in the wheelchair, while the tilt aids in pressure relief - ideal for those that struggle to shift their weight around. Height-adjustable push handles and attendant brakes allow for simple and comfortable control by an attendant.

For those needing higher levels of pressure relief, the standard seat cushion can be easily removed and replaced with a pressure cushion. For those hiring the standard Adult Tilt in Space wheelchair, we are able to hire out the Invacare Matrx Flo-Tech Solution pressure cushion, which features a contoured foam base, and dual-layer gel sacs to provide a high degree of pressure relief - this is the go-to pressure cushion for the NHS. Alternatively if looking to obtain a pressure cushion for the long-term, we offer a large selection of clinical pressure cushions, including the market-leading Jay and Matrx ranges, for purchase. More information on pressure care and cushions can be found on this page.

Invacare's Rea Azalea Transit is the go-to chair for the NHS when supplying Tilt in Space wheelchairs to patients, and is what most medical professionals and care home staff are familiar with. It features a wider range of adjustability, with the seat width able to be set from 15" to 19". The Azalea has smaller, transit wheels rather than large self-propelled ones, as realistically people using this wheelchair are unlikely to be self-propelling, and also to reduce the width.


The Rea Azalea Max is our Bariatric Tilt in Space wheelchair, designed for heavier users. It has an enhanced 28 stone weight capacity, and extra wide 22 - 26 inch seat width.

The Rea Azalea Junior is our Children's Tilt in Space wheelchair, a paediatric version of the Azalea, suited to younger users. The seat width can be set from 13.5" to 17.5", while shorter elevating leg rests are fitted, providing the appropriate support for children and teenagers.

The Breezy Ibis is a premium tilt in space wheelchair that is available for purchase. It offers all the features and options of the Rea Azalea but has a much cleaner, modern styling rather than the more "clinical" appearance of the Azalea family. The award-winning Sedeo Pro seating offers unrivalled comfort, and also the option for a centre-mount footrest. The Ibis is also available in a Power Support version that effectively has a powerpack discreetly built in, which provides assistance with pushing, and a Powerdrive version that is essentially a powered wheelchair with attendant controls.



Tilt in Space wheelchairs cannot be folded up in the same way that our lightweight folding manual wheelchairs can. This means they can only be transported in a suitably adapted vehicle, and will require a ramp to load and unload due to their weight. All our models are crash-tested, allowing them to be used for occupied transport when tied down in an appropriate vehicle.



We are able to fit our Heavy Duty Wheelchair Powerpack to the Rea Azalea, helping to ease the strain of pushing both the wheelchair and occupant. This allows the wheelchair to be taken longer distances in ease. Please note that due to the weight of the Azalea wheelchair, the Heavy Duty Powerpack can only be used for patients up to 18 stone.

Alternatively, the Breezy Ibis is available in either a Power Support version (effectively a more discreet built-in powerpack) or as a Powerdrive version that is essentially an attendant-controlled powerchair.




Due to their size and complexity, we do not deliver Tilt in Space wheelchairs with couriers. We are therefore only able to offer Tilt in Space wheelchair hire within London and the South East of England, where our product specialists are able to deliver, assess, and adjust the wheelchairs as necessary. This also applies to our repair and replace service, which we are only able to offer within our service area.