Children's Wheelchair Hire

Our freshly designed Children's Wheelchair is an ideal choice of paediatric wheelchair. Bespoke built for us, it is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 8. Lightweight and foldable, it is easy to transport and store, while large self-propelling wheels make it superb for outdoor use as well as allowing the child the possibility of manoeuvring the wheelchair.

Product Specification

Weight13kg / 2st 1lb
Crash TestedYes
Folded Width35cm / 13.78in
Wheelchair TypeChildrens Wheelchair
Folded Height65cm / 25.59in
Folded Length67cm / 26.38in
Max Seat Depth35cm / 13.78in
Max Seat Width33cm / 12.99in
Min Seat Depth28cm / 11.02in
Min Seat Width25.5cm / 10.04in
Max Seat Height46cm / 18.11in
Min Seat Height41cm / 16.14in
Weight Capacity80kg / 12st 8lb
Max Overall Width52cm / 20.47in
Min Overall Width44.5cm / 17.52in
Max Overall Length97cm / 38.19in
Min Overall Length67cm / 26.38in
Max Backrest Height40cm / 15.75in
Min Backrest Height37cm / 14.57in